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Justin Bieber Officially Retires

T’was the night before Christmas, all calm on the net. Not a pop star was twerking with future regret. Justin Bieber posted on Twitter, his retirement there, in hopes that all of his fans would still care. “My beloved beliebers” he typed with his thumbs, as he gleefully smiled, his face full of dumb. “I’m officially retiring” he finished his tweet, …

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Bieber Hamster Dies While in Fan’s Care

Last December, pop star Justin Bieber gave his pet hamster, Pac, to a grateful fan in Atlanta. This week, that fan sadly announced that Pac the hamster has died. Tori McClure, the girl who received the hamster, tweeted out this week that Pac “probably won’t make it much longer.” Though some Bieber fans are rudely accusing McClure of not taking …

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Justin Bieber’s Twitter Account Hacked

Canadian Pop icon Justin Bieber had his Twitter account hacked into yesterday. The hacker unfollowed people and blocked some of Bieber’s followers. He also posted, “19 million my ass #biebermyballs” for Justin’s 19 million followers. The hacker chose to purvey this most heinous crime as Bieber reached 19 million followers yesterday. I guess that was a milestone the hacker couldn’t …

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