Belgium Articles

Google To Get Belgian News Hearing

A couple of parties to a lawsuit in Belgium against Google for its news indexing have settled with the search advertising giant, but Google will have to wait until 2007 to fight an injunction against its scraping of news content managed by distributor Copiepresse.

Google Helps News Publishers With Sitemaps

An expressed desire for better indexing from Google News has prompted Google to release a Sitemaps product specifically for those news publishers.

Google News Struggles In Scandinavia

Media groups in Norway and Denmark have begun, like several others before them, to protest Google News’s practices. The Norwegian association objects to the reproduction of certain images and photographs, while the Danish faction is asking Google to make separate arrangements with each publisher.

Google Seething Over Belgian Judgment

Being compelled to remove certain news sources from the Google index and Google News was not a big deal for the company, but being required to post the judgment on its Belgian homepage apparently touched a nerve with the search advertising company.

Google Searches For Stones In Belgium

Shortly after some impressive huff-and-puff grandstanding, Google decided it best to comply with a Belgian court order after all. The company initially refused an order to post a ruling against Google on its Belgian homepage and Google News site, and seemed to take the $640,000 daily fine on the chin.

Belgians Ban Google From Their News

The Chilling Effects website revealed a judgment rendered by the Court of First Instance against Google that would ban them from indexing Copiepresse’s French- and German-language news and photographs.

Getting My Interactive Kettle Online

I had dinner last night with an old friend who’s in town for a few days on a business visit.

MSN Newsbot Adds Other Regions To Its Beta

In MSN’s continuing effort to improve their search engine/portal presence, MSN Newsbot has added 6 new regions to their current beta. Newsbot is MSN’s automated news service, which, much like Google news, gathers news from numerous sources located on the Internet.