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Behavioral Targeting and Calculating Behaviors

I recently came across a press release from Revenue Science claiming that they now reach 1 Billion behaviors per day.

CRM: The Impending Sea Change

Bits, pieces. Bits, bytes. Things are afoot, all pointing to an increased ability for the customer to control his or her own destiny more effectively.

Behaviors of the Blogosphere – Controversy Continues

Nick Denton has responded to criticism of the critique by Jason Calacanis of the Behaviors of the Blogosphere Study in an article at CickZ where he’s quoted as saying…

Coremetrics Launches LIVEmark to Measure Comprehensive Online Consumer Behaviors

Hosted Web analytics and precision marketing solutions provider, Coremetrics has launched LIVEmark, the first industry-specific benchmarking solution to measure comprehensive online consumer behaviors.

Linking Purpose to Everyday Behaviors

How do you know what’s the best use of your time right now? Link your daily behavior to your purpose.

Yes, Public Relations Can Help Your Business

Do you worry about certain behaviors among your most important audiences because those behaviors are vital to achieving your objectives? If your answer is yes, you need public relations.