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Behaviorally Targeted Ads Get More Attention

Behaviorally targeted ads outperform contextual ads by as much as 22 percent in some categories; according to a new study from Revenue Science conducted by JupiterResearch.

Behavorial Targeting 101: Media Buying Tips

Have you heard of behavioral marketing, but not known exactly what it is? You probably have been exposed to behavioral targeting before at one or more points in your life and not even known it. Behavioral targeting, if done right, can be a very useful tool in your internet marketing tool belt.

Behavioral Targeting Becoming ‘Essential’

Now is the time to do some behavioral targeting before it’s regulated. (Da guvmint is froggy on both sides of this issue, wanting at the same time to limit how much digital information is stored about users and to glean all they can from it for their own surveillance purposes.) Though people tend to be creeped out by how much marketers know about them, if done right, it can be mutually beneficial.

FTC Sets Dates For Behavioral Town Hall

Google and DoubleClick better keep the calendars of some of their people clear for November 1st and 2nd, as the Federal Trade Commission followed through on its promise to schedule meetings about behavioral targeting.

Google’s Approach to Behavioral Targeting

While it may seem that every ad network and their mother is jumping into behavioral targeting, Google’s taking a different approach. Concerned that behavioral targeting might upset the AdWords cash cow applecart, Susan Wojcicki, Google’s vice president of product management for advertising, explained to Reuters why the company is testing session-based targeting, not profile-based.

Google Backing Off Behavioral Targeting

The search advertising company recently spun a message to reporters about having no interest in deep behavioral targeting. It’s no coincidence they had this relatively unprecedented chat at this point in time.

Yahoo Gets Smart About Behavioral Ads

Advertising that presents the most relevant ad to an individual viewing web content represents a way for Yahoo to improve its ad performance.

Targeting Passions (Audience Discovery)

I read an interview of Bill Gossman, CEO Revenue Science on Media Post’s Behavioral Insider. Bill talked about the concept of “audience discovery” to find the right audience for an advertiser.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft & Cookies

Wednesday there was an article on ZDNET blog about how Google/Doublelclick, Yahoo/RightMedia and Microsoft/aQuantive deals are about cookies more than anything else.

A Grim Future for Small Behavioral Targeting Networks

With Google, MSFT and Yahoo buying Doubleclick, Aquantive and RightMedia respectively and more acquisitions coming in the near future, it seems like these giants will own the online advertising space.

Behavioral Targeting Moves by Yahoo & Google

A recent article by Brandweek, talks about how Yahoo is betting big on Behavioral Targeting.