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Google Acquires Team From Funf Creators Behavio

Update: Google says it’s just the team joining Google, not an acquisition. Google has apparently acquired Behavio, which received a fair amount of attention at SXSW last year. The startup produced FunF, an “open sensing” framework for Android. This is described as “an extensible sensing and data processing framework for mobile devices…the core concept is to provide an open source, …

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What If Your Smartphone Could Detect Your Behavior – Cool or Freaky?

As technology has advanced and smartphones have become ubiquitous, we’ve seen the rise of some very interesting applications. Many of these apps make our lives easier, help us make decisions, and even offer up some fun and games. At SXSW this year, we saw an especially big emergence of “social discovery” apps that essentially allow users to find friends, colleagues, …

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