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European Media Firms Should Invest Online

European media companies that don’t have an online presence, but are experienced in selling advertising should explore purchasing online groups, such as social networks, top Internet investor Saul Klein, of Europe’s Index Ventures firm said.

If newspapers want to gain new audiences, they will need to focus on the Internet, mobile and social media companies, Klein said.

MySpace, Facebook Still On Top
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If MySpace were to lose its top spot among social networks, it’d have a long way to fall. Though US visits to the powerhouse were down five percent since last year, MySpace still commanded nearly 74% of the social networking market, according to Hitwise. 

Facebook, long in second place but up 32%, pulled in nearly 15% of US social networkers, a share that towers over its nearest competitor’s.

Social Networks, YouTube Led UK Searches Last Year

It’s hard to believe data about 2007 is still being released, but a new Hitwise report is interesting, nonetheless.  It seems that social networks and YouTube were quite popular last year, with related terms dominating a list of the top ten UK searches.

Facebook Weakening In The UK
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New Hitwise data makes clear that current UK Internet traffic to Facebook is roughly seven times what it was one year ago.  Unfortunately for the social network, it also demonstrates that Facebook hasn’t done a great job of recovering from its most recent January lull.

AOL’s 850 Million Purchase

In the last couple of days one of the biggest stories has been the purchase of Social Network Giant, Bebo by AOL. With approximately 5% search market share and being one of the most visited sites on the planet, can Bebo really help make a difference to a search property which is been fairly average for the last few years? Here’s some coverage of the Bebo purchase around the Internet:

AOL Buys Bebo

In discussions concerning social networks, AOL’s name doesn’t come up too often.  That’s liable to change, though, as the corporation has acquired Bebo.

Facebook Loses Users In The UK
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Between December and January, Facebook experienced a five percent decline in unique visitors in the UK.  From the company’s perspective, this certainly isn’t good.  The dip probably doesn’t spell the end of the popular social network, however.

Google or MySpace to Grab Bebo?

TechCrunch speculates that there’s a 51% chance that Google might buy Bebo—or maybe MySpace will snap up the smaller social networking company.

Social Networks Connected To Teen Suicides
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Cato the Elder once said, "I would much rather have men ask why I have no statue, than why I have one."  But Cato the Elder died over 2,000 years ago, and somewhere along the way, a few kids seem to have gotten the idea that Bebo and MySpace pages are desirable memorials.

Despite Facebook Rise, MySpace Still King
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All the press and the industry observers talked about last year was Facebook, which made it seem like MySpace was soooo 2006. Social networkers, though, must not have been paying too much attention.

According to data from Hitwise, MySpace pulled in 76 percent of US visits to social networking websites in 2007, and 95 percent of them were return visitors in December. This can be interpreted that not only is MySpace commanding the vast majority of the social networking market, but also inspires some pretty fierce loyalty.

Consumers Still See Facebook as Great for Privacy
With all the buzz about Facebook’s ongoing privacy gaffes (I’ve been one of many voices calling attention to them), TechCrunch UK covers another perspective that’s more accurate in terms of how consumers perceive it:

Bebo Called Best Social Network
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Social networking site Bebo has been named the top performing Web site of its kind in a new report from Computing Which?

Social Network Bebo Hires A Bank

There might be less of it these days, but when banks are around, money’s usually close at hand.  So, although the way in which it intends to get cash remains unknown, the fact that Bebo has hired a bank is a good sign the social network wants some.

Hammer Films Makes a Comeback (Via MySpace)
After a 30-year absence, Gothic horror film maker Hammer Films is about to make a comeback, not in cinemas but on the web.

Yahoo UK Socializes Applications With Bebo

Yahoo services Answers and Music joined social networking site Bebo to tap its popularity with users in the United Kingdom.

Bebo’s Own Open App Program

Oh, OpenSocial. How utopian. How idealistic. How run-by-Google.

How not actually what Bebo decided to go with for their Open Application Platform, announced today (CNET coverage), despite having joined the initiative last month. Instead, their platform is set to be Facebook-compatible, making it easy for developers to port their Facebook apps to Bebo. Which, you know, they’re all just dying to do.

Bebo – Trying to Help TV Get Social

As several sites are reporting — including PaidContent’s UK division and Mashable — Bebo has launched a social-media platform with a pile of traditional TV and media partners including the BBC. Bebo often gets forgotten when people are writing about social networking, because the majority of coverage focuses on Facebook and MySpace.

Bebo Launches Open Media Platform

Social network Bebo is dominant in the UK and behind in the U.S.  A new platform called Open Media could give it a big boost in both countries, though, as it comes into existence with quite a few powerful friends.

UK Very Attuned to Social Networks
The UK has the most social networkers in Europe, with almost a fifth of all internet users regularly visiting sites like Bebo, Hi5, Facebook and MySpace.

Platform Possibilities: Bebo, Not MySpace

More platform rumors are flying this week. After the success of Facebook’s platform, it seems like everyone and their social network is scrambling to get their own version out. We’ve already seen rumors about Google’s and MySpace’s intentions. Today, the MySpace rumors are called into question and Bebo rumors start.

Yahoo, Bebo Make Advertising Arrangement

In what appears to be a very beneficial deal for both sides, Yahoo UK & Ireland will now sell the majority of Bebo’s display advertising.

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