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Miss Honduras Accused Killers Refuse to Testify

The man, along with three accomplices, accused of killing Miss Honduras and her sister, refused to testify during their first court appearance on Tuesday. Miss Honduras and Miss World contestant Maria Jose Alvarado and her sister were found buried near a riverbank roughly 12 miles from the northwestern city of Santa Barbara on November 19. The two had disappeared while …

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Dethroned Miss Delaware Files Lawsuit

Former Miss Delaware Amanda Longacre is suing state pageant officials and the Miss America organization after being dethroned for being too old. Longacre turns 25 in October, and pageant rules state that contestants must be between the ages of 17 and 24. Apparently, the fine print reads somewhere that contestants have to still be 24 by the end of the …

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Olivia Culpo’s New Boyfriend Nick Jonas

The 2012 Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, crowned the 2013 Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler, on Saturday with her new boyfriend, Nick Jonas, by her side. Jonas hasn’t just been by her side during the pageant, but all the days leading up to the pageant. He said, in an interview with E! that he didn’t realize there was so much work that …

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Miss World Muslimah Pageant Gives Miss World Pageant A Run For Its Money

The Miss World pageant, like other beauty pageants, had drawn its fair share of criticisms from those that come from nearly all walks of life. Backlash against the immodesty, sexism, and other troubles likewise associated with the display. Some of the most vocal opponents have been those from the Muslim community, particularly the more conservative sects, who have labeled the …

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French Senate Votes to Ban Child Beauty Pageants

The BBC reported this morning that the French Parliament has voted on a bill that would make beauty pageantry illegal for participants under the age of 16. The vote passed the French Senate 196-146, and the ban will be headed to the National Assembly before it’s made law. Lawmakers kept the language short and sweet: “organizing beauty competitions for children …

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