Bear Stearns Articles

Bear Stearns Upgrades eBay

When I mentioned this aloud, someone responded, "Going out on a limb, aren’t they?"  But Bear Stearns has upgraded its outlook on eBay, and even if a gut reaction might be to scoff (the Dow is down another 300 points just now), the action isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

WSJ May Need Big Subscription Increase to Make Up Lost Revenue

The Wall Street Journal would have to increase traffic to their site by 12x to make up for the lost subscription revenue. WSJ.com is going from paid subscriptions to free online access.

A report from Bear Stearns analyst Spencer Wang made the prediction based on advertising rates for banner ads.

Bear Stearns Bullish, Says GOOG To $700

So shares of Google are tickling the underbelly of $600. Big deal. Wait ’til next year, when trading puts a seven in front of those double-zeroes.

Yahoo Profits From Wall Street Love

A bit of good news for Yahoo emerged from the world’s financial center as an analyst found reasons to boost the Internet company to his clients.