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Kate Winslet Names Son “Bear Blaze”

Bear Blaze Winslet is not your typical name, but then again 38-year-old Kate Winslet is not your typical mother. The world-famous movie star, who recently was honored with her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, spoke about the efforts involved in choosing the memorable, and rather unique name for the most recent addition to her family. Winslet was inspired …

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Kate Winslet Explains Her Baby’s Odd Name [Video]

During a recent interview on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Kate Winslet revealed the reason behind the odd naming of her newborn baby. The name has some family history for her, but may seem incredibly odd to others. Kate Winslet’s baby boy, who is now 14 weeks old, is named Bear Blaze, which likely surprised a lot of people at time …

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