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Facebook Not Welcome under the Tree?

As the holiday season approaches and all the hustle and bustle with it, it always seems as though someone or something tries to ruin all the fun and festivities. At least according to some people, Facebook is the culprit this year.

Facebook recently launched an advertising network called Facebook Beacon that is not sitting well with some people.

Facebook to Face Federal Trade Commission?

facebook logoWill Facebook have to face the Federal Trade Commission over their three-week-old Project Beacon and Social Ads platforms? If the Electronic Privacy Information Center and the Center for Digital Democracy have their way, you bet.

MySpace Working on News Feed Feature

MySpace is working on a News Feed feature of its own, reminiscent of Facebook’s own feature, Reuters reports.

The Problem with Facebook’s “Beacon”

It’s the holiday’s right? A time for merrily buying Christmas gifts, Hanukkah gifts, Kwanzaa gifts (and, if you’re wondering, time for buying MY birthday present–the 29th of December, write it down…).

MoveOn Launches Campaign Against Facebook
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Facebook is busy ruining Christmas, and that’s the least of the worries. Violations of user privacy are higher on the worry list, and MoveOn.org has launched an online petition and ad campaign against Facebook’s brand new "Beacon" program.

Facebook Is on the Right Track
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Over the past 4 months, I have written many articles on what the advertising face of social networks should  look like.  While I would like to think they were reading my columns (unlikely), I am happy to see my vision of user / community targeting is where it seems Facebook is heading.  I was actually surprised at how many of the people I spoke with at Adtech not understanding the potentially gigantic platform this can be.

The Facebook Announcement

Erick Schonfeld of TechCrunch is liveblogging Facebook’s announcement as we speak I type this. The first fifteen minutes were filled with soundbites from Zuckerberg about the social graph, how cool and popular Facebook is, the history of advertising and how revolutionary this announcement is. Just moments ago, Zuckerberg began on the actual announcement:

T-Minus 1: Facebook’s Announcement Tomorrow

With all the big announcements

Beaconvertising and New Social Media Phones

This post is not about the iPhone. You might have heard that many people believe the latest innovation from Apple will not only revolutionize the mobile phone industry, but maybe even the future of mobile marketing.