BEA Articles

Software Industry Continues to Consolidate

As Zack reported, Sun is buying MySQL for ~$800M plus $200M in options. Interestingly, the MySQL acquisition represents 8% of Sun’s current market cap (~$13 Bil). While I’m happy for the MySQL team, my views on Sun’s OSS “strategy” are mixed at best.

Oracle Closes BEA Deal For $8.5 Billion

The valuation comes as Oracle and BEA agree on terms that will have Oracle pay $19.375 per share in cash for outstanding shares in the web application company.

BEA Flips Off Oracle Offer

A 25 percent premium for BEA in an all-cash offer from Oracle elicited a mild chuckle from BEA’s VP of business planning and development, William Klein.

Google In Talks With BEA Systems

BEA Systems, a self-declared “world leader in enterprise infrastructure software,” is in talks with another company about “partnering on a new initiative.”

Ingres, BEA Partner On SOA

Ok, the way to SOA with the Ingres database and BEA is to go and download today Ingres, BEA Workshop Studio, and the Eclipse SDK.

BEA Wakes BlueDragon, Gives Life To CFML

BEA Systems let its BlueDragon software out of its lair this week, promising ColdFusion users an easier way to move legacy applications onto BEA’s Weblogic Server without time consuming rewrites.

IBM, BEA, Microsoft and TIBCO Go To OASIS

BEA Systems Inc., IBM Corp., Microsoft Corp. and TIBCO Software Inc. today announced they will submit the latest version of the Web Services ReliableMessaging (WS-RM) specification.

The Top 10 Ways to Market Any Business to Thousands by Leading Teleclasses

As business owners, we all know that the key to fantastic sales is to let your customers have a personal experience of you. The difficulty, of course is that to give every customer that experience personally requires a tremendous time commitment of ourselves and our staff. So what do we do?