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Changing Root Bridge Election Results

Your BCMSN and CCNP studies will include mastering the details of Spanning Tree Protocol (STP).

Cisco CCNP Certification / BCMSN Exam Tutorial: Uplinkfast

You remember from your CCNA studies that when a port goes through the transition from blocking to forwarding, youre looking at a 50-second delay before that port can actually begin forwarding frames.

Cisco CCNP/BCMSN Exam Tutorial: BPDU Skew Detection
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You may look at that feature’s name and think, “What is a BPDU Skew, and why do I want to detect it?” What we’re actually attempting to detect are BPDUs that aren’t being relayed as quickly as they should be.

Server Load Balancing (SLB)

When youre working on your BCMSN exam on your way to CCNP certification, youll read at length about how Cisco routers and multilayer switches can work to provide router redundancy – but theres another helpful service, Server Load Balancing, that does the same for servers.

Cisco CCNP / BCMSN Exam Tutorial: Multicasting And Reserved Addresses

Ever since you picked up your first CCNA book, youve heard about multicasting, gotten a fair idea of what it is, and youve memorized a couple of reserved multicasting addresses.

Static VLANs

BCMSN exam success and earning your CCNP certification requires you to add to your knowledge of VLAN configuration.