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Epimetheus: Im ready for my close-up, Mr. Cassini.

In its sixth flyby of Saturn, US-European-Italian space probe, Cassini, delivered the best glimpse yet of Saturn’s tiny moon Epimetheus.

Collaborative Working With Wikis

The Financial Times has an excellent report on why wikis are an effective collaborative tool for the workplace, quoting examples from three prominent companies …

EU Urges China To Cut Back Textile Exports

The European Union is urging China to cut back its textile exports, and today EU commissioner Peter Mandelson is visiting the country.

Are Character Blogs Worthwhile?

Are character blogs – a topic that’s producing lots of discussion at the moment – worthwhile or not…

Casino Gambling To Be Legal in Singapore
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A plan to legalize casino gambling in Singapore has been approved by the country’s government.

It’s not a blog but the BBC News editor’s site is a good read

I wrote a critical commentary earlier last month about the BBC News website and how its editor, Peter Clifton, had started writing commentaries that “look back at the week in the newsroom – and tackle some of your questions.”

The Future of Radio Arrives

BBC News: DJs Paul Gambaccini and Tony Blackburn are backing a new website offering radio shows for digital audio players.

BBC Radio Launches Tech Blog, Sort Of

The BBC moves in mysterious ways regarding blogs, it often seems to me. Earlier this week, one of the BBC’s UK domestic radio stations…

Qwest Faces Rejection From MCI Once Again

MCI has rejected Qwest once again with their offer of $9.1 Billion which Qwest claims is superior to Verizon’s offer.

Google Video Wants Your Vlog
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At a cable television conference in San Francisco, California, Google co-founder Larry Page outlined his company’s vision for their video search service, Google Video.

U.S. Job Growth Slows in March

Job growth in the United States went down in March with only 110,000 jobs added which is the lowest number since July.

BBC Taps Flickr for Photos

The BBC ran an article on podcasting this week that generated some subsequent chatter …

Hollinger International Under Criminal Investigation

Conrad Black and his Hollinger International company are under a criminal investigation from U.S. federal prosecutors.

Blogs Equal SEO Power In Searches

They are truly search engine optimization powerhouses. Before your eyes glaze over, and you start to yawn, keep in mind that many of your brand new blog visitor traffic arrives from search engines.

Google Loses Trademark Infringement Appeal In France

The BBC News UK edition reports that Google has lost their trademark infringement case appeal.

Carrefour Sells Japanese and Mexican Assets

French retailer Carrefour has announced plans to sell its major assets in Japan and Mexico.

Singapore At the Top of Information Technology

Singapore bumped the U.S. out of the top spot as the world’s best user of information and communications technology.

BBC News Editor Starts Some Conversations, But It Isn’t Blogging

Peter Clifton, editor of the BBC News website, has started writing commentaries that “looks back at the week in the newsroom – and tackles some of your questions.”

Australian Rates On the Rise

Australia’s benchmark interest rate is being raised to the highest it has been in four years.

Phone Companies Feeling the Pinch From VoIP

BBC News: Dutch phone company KPN has announced plans to cut 8,000 jobs over the next five years after it reported a sharp drop in annual profits.

Shell Signs Deal With Qatar

Shell signed a $6 billion deal with the government of Qatar to supply liquid natural gas to North America and Europe.