BBC Articles

BBC Taps Flickr for Photos

The BBC ran an article on podcasting this week that generated some subsequent chatter …

Hollinger International Under Criminal Investigation

Conrad Black and his Hollinger International company are under a criminal investigation from U.S. federal prosecutors.

Blogs Equal SEO Power In Searches

They are truly search engine optimization powerhouses. Before your eyes glaze over, and you start to yawn, keep in mind that many of your brand new blog visitor traffic arrives from search engines.

Google Loses Trademark Infringement Appeal In France

The BBC News UK edition reports that Google has lost their trademark infringement case appeal.

Carrefour Sells Japanese and Mexican Assets

French retailer Carrefour has announced plans to sell its major assets in Japan and Mexico.

Singapore At the Top of Information Technology

Singapore bumped the U.S. out of the top spot as the world’s best user of information and communications technology.

BBC News Editor Starts Some Conversations, But It Isn’t Blogging

Peter Clifton, editor of the BBC News website, has started writing commentaries that “looks back at the week in the newsroom – and tackles some of your questions.”

Australian Rates On the Rise

Australia’s benchmark interest rate is being raised to the highest it has been in four years.

Phone Companies Feeling the Pinch From VoIP

BBC News: Dutch phone company KPN has announced plans to cut 8,000 jobs over the next five years after it reported a sharp drop in annual profits.

Shell Signs Deal With Qatar

Shell signed a $6 billion deal with the government of Qatar to supply liquid natural gas to North America and Europe.

Internal Blogs And Wikis At The BBC

BBC is not only trying blogs and podcasting as tools in their core business – publishing – they’re also way ahead of most companies when it comes to internal uses of social media.

The BBC, Blogs, Forums and Wiki’s

Not the usual TW fayre, but i have an enormous respect for the BBC – One of the oldest and most repected communications firms in the world.

Bloggers as Enemy of the Third Estate

The BBC reports that with the abrupt resignation of CNN chief news executive Eason Jordan, the American media are struggling with how to respond to bloggers.

Google Toolbar AutoLink Feature Raises Eyebrows

Recently, Google updated their search toolbar, and in doing so, added a new feature that has generated a range of reactions.

Nokia Introduces Flash, Announces Microsoft Features

Finnish mobile phone goliath Nokia is doing their part to ensure mobile technology stays on the cutting edge, while offering users as many services as possible.

Mild Weather Increases U.S. Oil Inventories

Oil prices have reached their lowest in a month at $45 thanks to mild weather increasing U.S. inventories.

US Department of Defense Adding More Web Sites

CNN: The US Department of Defense plans to add more sites on the Internet to provide information to a global audience …

eBay Shares Plunge

The auction house to the world, eBay, is experiencing some difficulty meeting market expectations, causing share prices to tumble.

Smart Apple

From a BBC News report today by BBC North America business correspondent Stephen Evans on what is it about Apple and its products that inspires such near-religious devotion from users …

Apple To Unveil Plans For 2005

While fighting to keep a lid on leaks, Apple is preparing to introduce their list of upcoming items to be released this year.

The New Face of Advertising

A 20-year-old US man is selling advertising space on his forehead to the highest bidder on eBay, BBC News reports.