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Text Messaging The Classics

A London college professor has compressed the essential parts of classic literature into tidy mobile text messages to help students study for exams. For example, (from my interpretation) a message about Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations might read PipsASissyTheEnd.

Email Might Still Be King …

Whatever the evangelists say about new communication channels like RSS, the reality today is that email as a direct marketing tool still reigns supreme among online media.

BBC Makes Archive Public On Internet

Nearly a hundred snippets of BBC television programming have been made available for “free public use in their own creative works.”

Hey! Leggo My Flickr!

There are some things you don’t mess with. You don’t mess with Texas. You don’t mess with a man’s family, food, wallet, or dog, and recently it has become apparent you don’t mess with a man’s Flickr.

Tragedy Knows No Boundary

Reading and viewing online news coverage of the Katrina hurricane disaster in the US over recent days, I’m just awed by the sheer scale of so many people – thousands according to many news reports – losing their lives, family, and property.

BBC Plans Broadband Broadcasting

Up to seven days of programming from the BBC’s TV channels will be available for download and viewing.

Anti-piracy Measures Now Include Windows Update

This validation process is in place right now as I discovered when I visited the Windows Update site today to install an optional update.

Through the side window with RSS
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A story from the Associated Press has some great sound bites from mainstream media and others about RSS.

UK Premiering BBC Three Comedy Series Online

As broadband usage grows among British users, the medium will start to see comedy programming among its offerings.

London Attack Blogger Round-up

Because of today’s horrible events in London, England, the majority of our blogging contributors devoted much of their day to posting about the various sources coverage of the explosions, which, by early estimates, has taken 33 lives.

Explaining it simply: Microsoft and RSS

Nearly all the reporting I’ve seen in blogs and mainstream media during the past 24 hours about Microsoft’s support for RSS has tended to be rather techie in its focus, including my own post.

BBC Broadcast Sold to Australian Consortium

Creative Broadcast Services Ltd., which is made up of Macquarie Capital Alliance Group and Macquarie Bank Ltd., is buying BBC Broadcast from the BBC for 166 million.

BBC blogs the G8

Newsnight, the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme in the UK, will be blogging the G8 summit in Scotland on 6-8 July.

Podcast Awards contest accepting nominations

Shel and I don’t get into much self-promotion, shameless or otherwise, for For Immediate Release: The Hobson & Holtz Report, our twice-weekly business podcast.

The Continuous Alarm Bell for Telcos

BBC News interviewed Niklas Zennstrom, the CEO of Skype, on Friday. The wide-ranging interview includes commentary on Zennstrom’s early venture with Kazaa and discusses Skype and its impact on traditional telephone services.

Mainstream media knows more than you think

BBC News: Newspapers are far from dead, despite the challenge from online news and blogs, media executives have been told.

BBC Strikers Protest Job Cuts

Thousands of journalists and technicians began a 24-hour strike at the BBC in response to expected job cuts.

Podcasting Is Almost Mainstream

Is podcasting really starting to move as a serious business communication tool, never mind it’s entertainment appeal? Yet more signs:  1. iTunes to directly support podcasts…

Upcoming Geek Extravaganza In London

The last time I looked at the sign-up wiki for the London geek dinner next month, there were some 80 names. I looked again just now – and it’s 127.

The BBC Presents Online Television

A new phase in the broadcaster’s interactive Media Player (iMP) development begins in September.

Go Backstage With The BBC

A beta service rolled out by the British Broadcasting Company allows users to repurpose its content in a variety of ways.