BBC Articles

BBC Exec Wants To Open The Archives

How would you like to have access to 1.2 million hours of video footage?

A Nail In The Coffin For Windows 98

From this day forward, users of Windows 98 and Windows ME may be on their own. Microsoft will stop offering updates and support (even of the “paid” variety) for these products. The company seems to be hoping this will lead to increased sales of newer Windows versions.

World Cup In High Demand Online

The BBC has handled more than 1.7 million requests to view live World Cup matches on its site, while the official site hosted by Yahoo surpasses Major League Baseball in viewership for the week ending June 24th.

The BBC Sets Its Sights On Google, AOL

The blokes at the BBC want to show the world what they’re made of. The corporation’s director general has set his sights not only on Google – a tough opponent by any standards – but on AOL, as well. As part of this plan, the BBC would expand further into global markets.

Apple vs. Apple Takes Weird BBC Bounce

On Monday, the BBC managed to interview the wrong person, live on air, over the settlement of the Apple Records vs. Apple Computer trademark suit.

BBC Opens an API

The BBC has launched an experimental API for software developers. An API is basically a data stream.

Cabinet Minister Blogger Promoted in Reshuffle

Local elections took place in the UK yesterday and the governing Labour Party hasn’t done well at all.

The Shift in Trust

The BBC and Reuters published Trust in The Media (PDF):

Exposing the Past of BBC 2.0

One follow-up to my post yesterday about the BBC’s plans for re-invention – the broadcaster has posted its complete catalogue online, which includes:

BBC Online To Play Like MySpace

The venerable British Broadcasting Company plans to dramatically update its online presence, and the social networking site MySpace has inspired the new design.

An Obituary for Mass Media

The announcement Tuesday by the BBC on their plans to re-invent themselves for the age of participatory media’ makes everything that any mainstream media organization has done to date with blogs, podcasting and other social media just look like tinkering.

EU Domain Takes Off

Europeans have rushed to grab a virtual home in cyberspace, says the BBC.

Engage with bloggers, says the BBC

BBC journalist Paul Reynolds regards the blogosphere as a source of criticism that must be listened to and as a source of information that can be used.

Pricey Freedom of the Press

BBC News: Danish-Swedish dairy giant Arla Foods says the ongoing boycott of Danish products in the Middle East had so far cost it between 40m and 50m.

Disintermediating the News

A thoughtful article on Friday by Richard Sambrook, director of global news at the BBC, on how the internet is disintermediating news:

The Podcasting Opportunity for Mainstream Media

BBC News: Almost two million BBC radio podcasts were downloaded during December, with the corporation’s breakfast programmes the most popular with listeners.

Climbing the RSS Summit

Another RSS conference has sprung up and I’m speaking at it: The RSS Summit at Hyatt Regency Cambridge in Cambridge, MA.

BBC Opens an Authoritative RSS Primer

Complain all you like about how the bastions of old media don’t get the world of social media.

Yahoo, BBC Take Flight With Boeing

The next in-flight options from Internet provider Connexion by Boeing feature live television options for laptop computer-equipped passengers.

BBC Opens News Archive Online

For a brief time, the BBC will throw open the film vaults online and let UK-based users create mashups of the content.

BBC Getting into Blogging

The BBC’s political editor, Nick Robinson, started a blog last week, called Nick Robinson’s Newslog.