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Where Websites Are Concerned, Less Is More

I chanced to find a most staggering item on Karen Blakeman’s Blog entitled UK Government to Close Down Web Sites.

BBC, Google Video Near Deal

Want to find an old Monty Python clip? Or watch a Mr. Bean sketch? Odds are that you can do so at Google Video, even though the BBC never gave its permission. This story isn’t about some impending lawsuit, though – reports indicate that “the Beeb” wants to strike a deal with Google and make even more content available.

BBC Weighs Its Social Networking Options

When I think of the BBC, I think of great television . . . of shows like “Monty Python,” “As Time Goes By,” and “Top Gear.” Then there’s MySpace, the social networking site that is most commonly associated with giggling teenage girls. Well, the BBC has announced plans to pursue social networking, but adults need not worry that the corporation is chasing after “that crowd.”

Bloggers Say ‘No’ To Proposed Code Of Conduct

It can be debated that bloggers already have their own unwritten laws, a code of conduct to which the prominent bloggers are to adhere. In Britain, the same governmental bodies that regulate the press, want to extend that code of practice to bloggers due to lack of professional standards. Some well-known bloggers have answered that proposal with a resounding “poppycock!”

Yahoo! to Serve UP BBC Videos

As part of an agreement with ABC News, Yahoo is beginning to offer BBC News video on its site. Yahoo! users will now have access to approximately 30 video clips of BBC News video each day, including a large assortment of videos pertaining to most major news and entertainment genres.

Online Video Will Not Beat TV

The BBC conducted a survey of more than 2,000 people to learn more about their online video viewing habits. While the Reuters report suggests that nearly half of Brits are watching less traditional TV, the reality is a little different. Here’s what Reuters leads with

UK Computer Industry at a Crossroads

The BBC is running an interesting article on the number of qualified skilled people wanting to work in the computer industry, and the lack of said people who are coming through the college ranks.

Al Jazeera Launches English Service

Arab TV network Al Jazeera launched an English-language service yesterday that, inevitably, attracted criticisms in the US and elsewhere where some see the station purely as a mouthpiece for Osama Bin Laden.

Google Chases Channel Four

Google is raising eyebrows in England with an imminent accomplishment – the search engine giant appears ready to surpass “the UK’s main commercial TV channels” in terms of advertising revenue.

Closed Vs. Open Sourced Material

I have been thinking about a comment I got on creative commons and how it should be more clearly labeled in the longer run so that people know what they can do with media.

Tech Terms “Meaningless To Many”

Society may be warming up to technology, but that doesn’t mean the two are on a first-name basis. A Nielsen/NetRatings study in Britain proved that a large segment of the online population is still in the dark in regards to a number of “tech terms.”

Microsoft, BBC Meet Free Content To Follow?

Microsoft and the BBC shook hands yesterday, but it was something of a soft, tentative handshake. Microsoft described a “nonexclusive memorandum of understanding” that both companies signed as “a step toward strengthening their working alliance.” Despite this rather weak language, the meeting may have had important implications.

eBay Vendors Call For Google Auction Site
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At first, the cause sounds like it might be a write-off; just one angry person’s crusade against eBay.

BBC Exec Wants To Open The Archives

How would you like to have access to 1.2 million hours of video footage?

A Nail In The Coffin For Windows 98

From this day forward, users of Windows 98 and Windows ME may be on their own. Microsoft will stop offering updates and support (even of the “paid” variety) for these products. The company seems to be hoping this will lead to increased sales of newer Windows versions.

World Cup In High Demand Online

The BBC has handled more than 1.7 million requests to view live World Cup matches on its site, while the official site hosted by Yahoo surpasses Major League Baseball in viewership for the week ending June 24th.

The BBC Sets Its Sights On Google, AOL

The blokes at the BBC want to show the world what they’re made of. The corporation’s director general has set his sights not only on Google – a tough opponent by any standards – but on AOL, as well. As part of this plan, the BBC would expand further into global markets.

Apple vs. Apple Takes Weird BBC Bounce

On Monday, the BBC managed to interview the wrong person, live on air, over the settlement of the Apple Records vs. Apple Computer trademark suit.

BBC Opens an API

The BBC has launched an experimental API for software developers. An API is basically a data stream.

Cabinet Minister Blogger Promoted in Reshuffle

Local elections took place in the UK yesterday and the governing Labour Party hasn’t done well at all.

The Shift in Trust

The BBC and Reuters published Trust in The Media (PDF):