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FC Bayern Munich Falls To Real Madrid CF In Semifinal Match

FC Bayern Munich cannot exactly say that they put up a brave fight when they lost Tuesday to Real Madrid CF. In fact, quarter-finalists Dortmund would serve as a better example of a Bundesliga team that truly fought to get to the next stage. Both teams fell to Real Madrid, but Bayern’s performance was decidedly anemic for defending champions. Perhaps …

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Champions League Results: Semifinals Set

With the conclusion of two more quarterfinal matches on Wednesday, the semifinals are set for the 2014 Champions League. And, for the first time since 2007, four-time champions Barcelona find themselves on the outside-looking-in. Barcelona lost its quarterfinal match Wednesday to La Liga leader Atletico Madrid, 1-0, resulting in a cumulative 2-1 aggregate loss. Unfortunately for Messi and company, Atletico’s …

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