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Salesforce Unveils AdWords Tool

Salesforce, the one-stop business software shop, pulled the wraps off yesterday on a Google AdWords management service.

Google Expecting an Anti-trust Lawsuit?

Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, says to call him an idiot. No, sorry, I’m the idiot here and Eric isn’t an idiot. At least not when I’ve met him.

MySpace Accounts for 8% of Google’s Traffic
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Someone – preferrably Google – needs to chat to News Corp about acquiring/partnering with MySpace pretty darn quick, as Hitwise reports the site accounts for 8.2% of Google’s inbound traffic.

John Battelle Chats to Ask’s Jim Lanzone

I can describe Ask’s Jim Lanzone with just two phrases:

Google and Ask Increase Audience Share

It’s not really surprising that Google continues to dominate search share in the US.

Battelle’s FM Tunes Into VC Funding

Author of “The Search” and BoingBoing.net “band manager” John Battelle’s Federated Media scooped up its first round of venture capital funding.

Search Relevance is Dead!

I’ve been saying for a long time that the race for “relevance” among search engines is over.

Reputation Monitoring & Management

Must make mental note that getting up at 4:30am, to catch a 6:30am flight, SUCKS!

Google Techtalks

Lauren Weinstein posted a video of a presentation he made at Google a few weeks ago and I noticed he made reference to the search phrase “Google techtalks” on Google Video.

Lycos Turning Search Lights Out?

A rumour is circulating that says Lycos has laid off most of its search team and is retaining a skeleton crew to keep its beleaguered services operating.

One in Five Americans Read Blogs

Battelle extracts a useful snippet from a recent Gallup poll on internet usage.

The Pizza Man Knows Everything!

John Battelle links to this scary/thought-provoking/it-could-happen Flash video on the ACLU’s website showing a world where any business you call can know pretty much anything about you.

Show Me The Data! Cant

Boing Boing, Battelle, Philipp and I’m sure many others are asking that Microsoft and any others who gave up search data to the U.S. Department of Justice release it publicly, if it is so harmless.

I Also Oneself Something Would Want to Find Out…

The headline on this post is the first of two lines from a comment posted last night to something I wrote months ago.

Battelle Aims For Ad Mogulhood

In his discussion about Federated Media (FM) Publishing with Performancing’s Nick Wilson, noteworthy author/publisher John Battelle touched on the importance of ads for his nascent company.

John Battelle’s Search Predictions for 2006

John Battelle is on his third year predicting the upcoming year in search. Some snippets…

Battelle Not Hacked!

Looks like “The Search” has turned up a bizarre technical problem, as the home page for BattelleMedia.com now pulls up a page titled RocknGo instead.

John Battelle at Yahoo!

As part of the weekly speaker series that our Technology Development Group runs (well, really Chad does all the work), John Battelle visited to speak of a room packed full of Yahoos.

Clusty Has No Lust For Personalization

Providing personalized search has become a big focus for sites like Yahoo and Google, but the CEO of Clusty.com’s parent company Vivisimo thinks search personalization is a dead end.

Why Google Is Running Away From the Crowd

John Battelle analyzes why Google is running away from the crowd in the search space  internet advertising space. Hey, I can tell you that one. I work for a Google competitor.

Battelle’s Book Makes Me Look At the Search

I just finished reading John Battelle’s The Search. First, a disclosure. He sent me the book and even signed it.