French Google, Yahoo Alike (& Loving Wikipedia)

French Google, Yahoo Alike (& Loving Wikipedia)

By Doug Caverly November 29, 2007

It is (I think) becoming public knowledge that Google has crushed all of its opponents in France – the company has a search market share of around ninety percent.  A new study is surprising, then, in that it reveals large similarities between the French versions of Google and Yahoo.

Did Doubleclick Turn Down Microsoft Money?

John Battelle reports that Microsoft was actually offering more money than Google was for Doubleclick and that Doubleclick went with Google anyway.

DoubleClick Turned Down Microsoft’s Higher Bid

The irony of Microsoft crying antitrust in the Google/DoubleClick buy is starting to make more sense: it may be sour grapes, and a regulatory approach may free up DoubleClick for themselves, or at least stop Google from cornering the market.

Full Text vs. Partial Text Feeds

Ahh, the arguing over whether to do full text or partial text feeds continues. This time with Feedburner saying they aren’t seeing a click-through difference.

Personally I hate partial text feeds. I’ve subscribed to a few of them, particularly ZDNet’s bloggers, but I notice I read a lot fewer of their items than I read items from, say, TechCrunch or Mashable, who offer full text feeds. And I link to them a LOT less.

Web 2.0 and Web2Open

People felt left out of Web 2.0 in past events because of the cost of attending such a high-powered professionally produced program.  Similar to how some people felt left out from FooCamp by not being invited, but channeled their energies positively to create Barcamp with an open door principle.

Microsoft Exec Thinks DoubleClick Buy Is Risky

That Microsoft is thinking of acquiring online advertising company DoubleClick has been the gently vibrating buzz all week. A Microsoft executive, though, says a deal is unlikely.

The buzz seems likely generated by the PR machine, for as soon as I heard about it from a surprising tipster, everybody else seemed to have heard about it as well, bloggers and reporters alike. Let the speculation begin: nothing like a little buzz to justify a $2 billion asking price.

Print Isn’t Dead Just Because Bloggers Say So
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Upon news that 30-year-old magazine InfoWorld was shutting down its print operations and moving online, and that the San Francisco Chronicle is also in trouble, a debate is raging in the blogosphere. The general consensus near Silicon Valley: print is dead.

Analysts Expect Blowout GOOG Earnings

In advance of the earnings call, any bets on how high GOOG can go today on Wall Street? Analysts have high hopes, so to speak, as tipsters come rolling in with unbelievable numbers for Q4 2006.

Ask CEO on AskCity

John Battelle has on his blog a post where Ask CEO answers his questions about AskCity.

Google Lags In Public Research
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Earlier this week, John Battelle took a look at “the practice of academic publishing in the field of search,” and more specifically, at how many papers were submitted by each of the major search companies at a recent conference. The results: it seems as if Google doesn’t play well with others, at least as far as research papers are concerned.

PubCon: Battelle Looks To The Future

“The Search” author and Federated Media chairman John Battelle delivered today’s keynote at WebmasterWorld’s PubCon in Las Vegas, and WebProNews was in the room, taking notes and nudging the other participants.

PubCon Las Vegas, Day One

Today marks the first day of PubCon Las Vegas 2006, and the event promises to help attendees "get the edge." The conference will run through Friday, and speakers will offer their insights on topics ranging from specific things like search and net marketing to "general webmastery."

PubCon Las Vegas: A Chat With Andy Beal

We managed to slip a few questions about WebmasterWorld’s PubCon, which starts November 14th, to marketing guru Andy Beal as he was packing his bags for the trip to Las Vegas.

Last Day Registration for PubCon Las Vegas!

So, you are going to PubCon next week, right?

Turn.com Challenging Googles AdSense

A new ad network called Turn has launched, and it’s hoping to bring some sophisticated technology to the contextual advertising space.

Amazon Launches Clickriver

Amazon’s realized that it’s about time it launch its own sponsored search product for Amazon.com. With the beta launch of Clickriver Ads, Amazon will offer pay-per-click advertising using the “bid + performance” model made popular by Google and soon to be adopted by Yahoo.

Become a Fan of Fanpop

What do you get when you add one part Digg, one part, MySpace, one part del.icio.us; mix ingredients and bake at 400F for 15 minutes? You get Fanpop of course!

PubCon: A Chat With Andy Beal