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The Japanese Are Once Again Needlessly Innovating And It’s Awesome
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I love Japanese scientists and inventors. They needlessly innovate in areas that we all thought were done with innovation years ago. The toilet? They made it better. The shower? They made it better. I think I’m starting to see a …

75% Of Americans Use Their Phones On The Toilet [STUDY] 75% Of Americans Use Their Phones On The Toilet [STUDY]
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The bathroom is a sanctuary. Not only that, but it’s the best office that anyone could ever have. For years, I’ve made all my most important calls, sent my most important texts, and done my most ardent Facebooking from the …

A Lawsuit Featuring Dunkin’ Donuts, Online Anonymity, and Dirty Bathrooms

The Maryland Court of Appeals has overturned a previous ruling that would have required a website that was beingrestroom-sign charged with defamation due to comments from anonymous ‘users’ to turn over their identities immediately.