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Google Base Scrubs Its Face

The homepage for Google Base received a mild makeover in order to improve its usability, particularly by bulk uploaders who can enhance its value by placing a lot of items in Base in one go.

What is Your Asia Strategy for the Global Customer Base?

Something new happened in mid-2006 – five out of the top ten websites listed by Alexa (based on traffic for the previous three months) were Asian. Four of those were Chinese.

Help-desk Knowledge Base Importance

Knowledge management is a concept, whereby, companies organize and present information to their customers regarding product usage.

Google Base Releases GData API

Google released its Google Base data API, GData for short, that allows developers to write dynamic and interactive applications for Google Base. This opens up the possibility of Google Base mash-ups that combine content with other services.

Google Base Adds Traffic Stats

The Google Base team added a few new features to its “My items” dashboard, allowing merchants to monitor search engine results pages (SERPs) impression, click-throughs, and page views.

Google Base Gets Document Uploading

Google Base now lets you attach documents to your items.

Chinese Base Spotted On Google Earth

The latest Google Earth user report stirring up conspiracy theory and head scratching is the image of a Chinese military site that is a scale replica of the ancient country’s border with India, mountains and all.

Microsoft Officially Opens Expo

The company set up the Expo.org domain to make it easier to remember, and implemented some feature tweaks and updates to the site.

Google Base Adds RSS Button

If it’s news to Search Engine Watch, then it’s probably news to lots of people. For SEW’s Barry Scwartz, it just caught his eye and nobody else seem to know about it.

Topix Debuts Classifieds Service

Within the local news search at Topix.net, visitors will see local classified ads on the right side of the page and an invitation to post a free ad themselves.

Google Spreading Out A Spreadsheet

June 6th will see the limited beta preview of Google’s online spreadsheet program made available from the company’s Google Labs development section.

Ten Things Google Should Do
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Mark Otuteye writes about ten products that Google should be developing, all based on existing technology that they could leverage to expand their reach (without copying their competitors).

Froogle Merchant Center Is No More

Say goodbye to the Froogle Merchant Center, Google Base swallowed it. Google made the announcement today that it has been replaced with the Google Base dashboard. Google was kind enough to go ahead and transfer your account and product information.

Yahoo, eBay Drop E-Biz Bombshell

EBay and Yahoo dropped an announcement bomb early this morning saying that the two Internet giants have agreed to combine their efforts on a number of projects. By 2007, expect an increase in eBay search results on Yahoo!, an increase of contextual text and graphical ads on eBay, PayPal to power Yahoo! Wallet, a co-branded eBay Toolbar, and click-to-call advertising using Yahoo! Messenger with Voice and Skype.

AdWords For Google Base Listings

Google is encouraging users to promote products and services listed on Google Base through its AdWords program.

Google Base Finally Gets Automat

The Google Base blog announces that you can now advertise your Google Base items in Google AdWords, finally releasing the “Automat” system we saw in a patent filing last November.

You May Be A Google Test Subject

Sometimes, searchers see odd things when using Google for their search engine needs, and Googlers Ambar Pansari and Marissa Mayer say that’s completely normal.

Should eBay Be Afraid of Google Base?

I know Google’s integration of Google Base, with its regular search results, hit most people’s news reader last week, but the company had been quietly integrating Google Base for a couple of weeks now.

Google Base Traffic Flatlines
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The line graph of Google Base’s market share over the winter looks much like a mitten-clad hand waving “bye-bye” or “stop.” A month after it launched, Google Base hit its lowest point, and according to Hitwise, March wasn’t any better.

Google Real Estate? Google Autos? Not?

Steve Rubel, in two seperate posts, links to new types of searches Google is serving, from auto searches to real estate searches.

Google Mashes Up Real Estate

Hunting down “homes for sale” through a typical Google search returns extra search boxes for location and listing type; using those search boxes brings up a mashup of Google Base and Maps with listings for available properties.