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Breathalyzers in Bars May Save Lives

Breathalyzers are the latest trend to be hitting bars across the nation, as a proposal from a state representative in Utah offers a plan that would include the alcohol level-testing machines in bars and pubs, according to the Associated Press. Draper Republican Representative Greg Hughes has offered an up-and-coming proposal in the state of Utah which would allow bars across …

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Bar Served Rubbing Alcohol In Place Of Scotch

Times are tough, and when the economy slumps, everyone feels it. Unfortunately, some bar owners in New Jersey tried to crawl out of their slump by mixing food coloring with rubbing alcohol to pass it off as scotch. In a sting called “Operation Swill”, state police say they have raided 29 bars and restaurants and are accusing them of serving …

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Ladies, You Can Resume Hanging Your Bras at Milwaukee’s Holler House

There’s a tradition at a Milwaukee tavern/two-lane bowling alley called the Holler House where first-time female patrons remove their bra, sign it, and hang them from the rafters, which sounds like something I would support wholeheartedly. Apparently, others do too, because according to Marcy Skowronski, the 87-year-old owner of the establishment, the tradition has been going on from decades. The …

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Groupon Launches Breadcrumb POS System For Restaurants And Bars

Groupon announced today that it is launching Breadcrumb, a point-of-sale iPad app for restaurants, based on the software of the same name it acquired earlier this year. Here’s what it looked like pre-Groupon: The app enables servers to search for menu items and rearrange tables by swiping. It has features to enable restaurants and bars to manage labor, take orders, …

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