Apple Pay Headed To UK Banks, NYC Parking Tickets

Apple Pay Headed To UK Banks, NYC Parking Tickets

By Chris Crum December 31, 2014

Apple is just getting started with its payments product Apple Pay. It’s looking like 2015 is going to be a big year for it as more and more institutions and businesses adopt it. We already learned that Chevron, which already …

Arkansas Man Asks Bank Teller To 'Punish' Him

Bank tellers have a pretty routine job. It’s always a withdrawal this or deposit that. The highlight of their day must be somebody asking for a loan application. While they may crave excitement, having a customer ask for a withdrawal …

Swiss Banker Found Guilty of IRS Fraud Swiss Banker Found Guilty of IRS Fraud

The Swiss banking system, and Swiss bankers in particular, were portrayed in the 2013 Oscar-nominated Scorsese movie The Wolf of Wall Street as outright corrupt. Though the movie, its events, and its characters are based on real-life events, Jean Dujardin’s …

Online Security, Are We All Potentially At Risk? Online Security, Are We All Potentially At Risk?

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How safe are we really? One may wonder if large corporations, small businesses, and individuals are all subject to online fraud. Financial Fraud Action UK has recently reported that losses incurred due to online security failures are increasing. Though there …

Liberty Reserve Founder, Others Indicted Liberty Reserve Founder, Others Indicted

A $6 billion scheme has been uncovered by U.S. authorties today that indicts the founder of Liberty Reserve and others involved in the scheme. Wired reports that the $6 billion scheme that was just revealed today in court documents is …

Turns Out Anonymous Did Hack The Federal Reserve Turns Out Anonymous Did Hack The Federal Reserve
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On Sunday evening, Anonymous leaked over 4,000 banker profiles it claimed to have stolen from the federal reserve. The information contained names, addresses, IP addresses, hashed passwords and other sensitive information. Now the federal reserve has confirmed the hack, but …

Would You Do Your Banking On Facebook? Would You Do Your Banking On Facebook?

Can you imagine a world where all of your financial transactions are going through the same account as all of your photos, status updates, videos, game playing, and music discovery? Facebook certainly can, and that looks to be the goal …

Anonymous: #OpGlobalBlackout Targets Banks, Facebook Anonymous: #OpGlobalBlackout Targets Banks, Facebook

Anonymous is back with their grandest threat yet. This past week, an innocuous YouTube video was posted titled, “Anonymous Message to Congress.” The video was made in response to the shutting down of MegaUpload on Thursday by the federal government. …

Apple, Overdraft Fees & Feet Apple, Overdraft Fees & Feet

Today’s infographic round-up looks at just how big Apple really is, as well as bank overdraft fees and freeing your feet. View more daily infographic round-ups here. The things that are smaller than Apple: by visually via Overdraft fees: Feet: …

Now You Can Deposit Checks Into PayPal With Your iPhone
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Update: As far as availability, PayPal tells us, "Mobile Check Capture is currently available in the US only. The underlying technology that makes this possible is based on legislation passed by US Congress in 2004 as a result of the 9/11 attacks. The legislation, called "Check Clearing for the 21st Century," or "Check 21," gives US financial institutions the opportunity to clear checks using imaging technology rather than transporting the paper itself.

Email Scams On The Rise?


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World Bank Hacking – Great Timing

The world bank has been hacked repeatedly over the last year according to a report on Dark Reading, which once again brings out the question, where was the information security team on this one?