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Buy Stuff In Mobile Facebook Apps, Get Billed By Your Carrier

Back in February, Facebook and Bango announced a partnership, which would see Bango providing mobile payment services for Facebook. Today, Bango announced that its Facebook integration is now live. This appears to be an extension of the carrier billing feature Facebook revealed in June. Bango is providing Facebook with mobile web carrier billing in the US, the UK and Germany, …

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Facebook And Bango Partner On Mobile Payments

Facebook has partnered with Bango, a provider of billing and analytics for app stores, mobile apps and sites. Bango will provide payment services to Facebook. Growing mobile use, and the lack of monetization of mobile users were highlighted in the Risk Factors section of Facebook’s IPO filing. Essentially, it could harm Facebook’s business if too many of its users spend …

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Bango: Android Web Browsing Up 400%

U.S.-based Android users are an active (and likely multiplying) bunch, according to new data from a mobile payment specialist called Bango.  The company’s determined that, between the first and second quarters, the volume of Web browsing conducted on Android devices increased by a whopping 400 percent.

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US Leads In Mobile Web Browsing

The United States has surpassed the UK in mobile Web browsing, now accounting for 29 percent of the global traffic, according to the mobile firm Bango.

The company says the good news for content providers is that the growth in traffic is being matched by the growth in users paying for content on the mobile Web.

"With 245 million subscribers, it was only a matter of time before the US became the number 1 country in the world for mobile web browsing," said Anil Malhotra, SVP of Marketing at Bango.

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Bango Doubles Up On Mobile Analytics

The company announced a new ability to provide a unique mobile visitor count to websites with the latest release for Bango Analytics. They now claim first mover status on site and campaign analytics for site publishers too.

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Bango Analyzes The Mobile World

Measuring the mobile web, and doing it better than Google’s AdWords conversion tracking, will be a big claim to live up to, but Bango thinks its new analytics service will deliver.

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