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How Much Bandwidth Does Your Web Site Need?
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One of the most common concerns people have when deciding to host a web site is figuring out how much bandwidth they’ll need.

Comcast Increases Bandwidth For High Speed Customers

In what some are considering a shot at DSL service providers, Comcast, the nation’s largest broadband provider, has announced they will be increasing the speed of their broadband service.

Web Space or Bandwidth: Finding the Right Balance

Before you choose a hosting plan, there are many things to consider. Two of the most important are the Web Server Space and the Data Transfer Allowance (also called bandwidth) that you will need. Web hosts will usually try to lure you with either a large amount of Web Space or monthly Data Transfer Allowance. Though the best case scenario would be to have plenty of both, most hosts tend to offer more of one and less of the other, so you will have to find the right balance.

Tips on Saving Band Width

Band width is the data transfered from the server to client and viceversa. When a visitor comes to your site he surfs thru your web site. This means he was downloading data from your web site server.

Don’t Let Amazon.com Use Up Your Valuable Bandwidth!

You already know that affiliate programs are a great way to make additional income for your web business.

Bandwidth, Contention, and Profits

Whether your company offers data service to businesses, residential consumers, apartment dwellers, or university faculty and staff the effort required to provide quality data services becomes increasingly complex as you add customers or users. Contention is one of the most significant forces working against your efforts to deliver cost effective quality data services to your customers. Contention forces you to use more and more of your available bandwidth to control who has access to your shared service.

Traffic Engineering: Finding the Right Route

Being multihomed means you have two (or more) routes to any destination connected to the Internet. In other words, you need a way to decide which route is better. When left to its own devices, a BGP router will try to send traffic over the route with the shortest AS path. Depending on the connectivity of your upstream ISPs and traffic patterns, this will suit the available bandwidth of the respective connections to varying degrees. Even though bandwidth is getting cheaper all the time, it’s usually advantageous to try to balance the traffic so that it takes advantage of all the available bandwidth in a multihomed setup. Thus, if BGP decides that most of the outgoing traffic should go through the smallest pipe, you will have to tell it that this isn’t what you want by tweaking one or more BGP attributes. Ideally, more traffic will then flow over the under-used connection. At the same time, you’ll want the traffic to take the best route to a destination, if possible, whatever “best” may be. This type of activity is called traffic engineering

How To Reduce Web Hosting Bandwidth
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You just received a higher than normal monthly bill on your credit card for web hosting. Your hosting company explains that you exceeded your monthly minimum for “bandwidth usage” and suggests reducing the size of your web site files.