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Should The Government Regulate ISP Bandwidth Caps?

Some of the major ISPs in the U.S. implement bandwidth caps in the name of controlling network congestion, but most caps are just a backhanded way of making more money. One senator is targeting the practice to bring better Internet availability and speed to users across the U.S. TechDirt reported Thursday that Sen. Ron Wyden, Internet freedom fighter, has introduced …

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Blasts Comcast Over Net Neutrality

While using a number of stream-related apps recently, Netflix CEO noticed something about Comcast’s application of their much-maligned Internet data usage caps–they, according to Hastings, weren’t being applied equally. And so, he posted about it on Facebook, taking his beef with Comcast to the masses. By airing his grievance in such a public forum, Hastings accomplished a few things. First, …

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