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Osama Bin Laden: As Pakistan Oppresses Ethnic Minorities, US Resumes Aid

Two and a half years after the widely publicized US Navy Seal raid, which killed Osama bin-Laden at his hideout in the heart of Pakistan’s military-political establishment, Washington DC has quietly resumed overt foreign aid to Islamabad. The decision to resume billions of dollars in aid comes in the face of crushing unemployment, worsening inflation, and a tsunami of $100+ …

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Balochistan Pakistan Home To Powerful Earthquake

On Tuesday afternoon, a strong earthquake blew through Balochistan. 328 people have died while more than 400 people are injured and about half of those are in critical condition. According to The Telegraph, “The doctor in charge of the largest hospital close to the epicentre in Balochistan province told The Daily Telegraph his staff were working in chaotic conditions and …

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