Ballmer Articles

Microsoft Hopes Transparency To Make A Difference

With the EU refusing to be reasonable and the vultures circling the wagons, Microsoft has decided to try a weapon not normally found in their repetoire: transparency.

Ballmer, Gates, And Glam Rock On MSN

Microsoft plans on making six hours of content available from New York’s Times Square and covering various musical performances during the celebration.

Ballmer On Google, Ads, And Technology

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had a lot of opinions for a Canadian publication on several topics, notably dismissing any inroads Google’s supposedly made on the world’s top technology company.

Ballmer Sees Opportunity With Google Users

Speaking at a Gartner conference in Orlando, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discussed Vista, Linux, and even managed to work Google into the talk.

Ballmer Having Breakfast At Neelies

The Associated Press reports that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will be swinging by Brussels for a chat over breakfast (waffles?) with the European Union’s antitrust chief, Neelie Kroes, on the morning of October 5th.

Microsoft Business Summit Starts Today

The company will try to boost the fortunes of its Business Solutions division as it unveils Small Business Accounting 2006 today.

This Just In: Steve Ballmer Doesn’t Like Google

Apparently, when a Microsoft employee leaves Redmond for the Google pastures, the MS management team, or at least one in particular, does not react in a pleasant manner.

Users Have Two Words For Search Engines

A study by real-time web analytics firm OneStat.com claims most users submit two-word queries to search engines.

Ballmer Wielding Shovel To Bury Google, Yahoo

Microsoft’s CEO tells financial analysts that when all is said and done online, Redmond will stand triumphant.

Scoble Interviews Ballmer

Robert Scoble interviews Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on Channel 9. 1 down, 1 to go. Time for big Bill G to show up on 9.

Ballmer Interview Turns Communication Upside Down

Watching Robert Scoble’s video interview with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is the confirmation for me that formal, pre-planned and carefully-controlled organizational communication has now reached an evolutionary end point.

Ballmer Speaks On Tech Family Values

During an interview with the Associate Press in Washington on Thursday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer mused about the potential of the home computing environment and issued warnings to the heads of households.

Microsoft CEO Ballmer On Apple And Google

Steve Ballmer is always good for a headline-making quote. This time it was at TechEd, where Microsoft’s CEO sounded off on Google and Apple.

Ballmer Tries To Cool The RSS Hype

Amit Malhotra ran into Steve Ballmer at a tech conference and asked him a couple of questions about RSS and blogging.

Ballmer to RSS Enthusiasts: Chill

Steve Ballmer spoke at a conference recently about RSS. He threw some water on the RSS party.

Robert Scoble More Famous Than Steve Ballmer?

Very interesting. On Google I’m the #1 “robert.” But on MSN, I’m #43. On Yahoo I’m #7.

Ballmer European Meeting Ends In Failure

Microsoft’s chief executive officer and European Union antitrust chief can’t find common ground on compliance issues.

Steve Ballmer’s Anti-Discrimination Email To Microsoft Employees

This email was sent to all Microsoft employees on Friday, April 22, 2005, and approved to be posted publicly by PR.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Memo Posted, Scobles Reply

I got permission from PR to post Steve’s email. Steve, I personally am not happy with what it appears went down in this case …

Steve Ballmer Writes To Microsoft’s Employees Over Anti-Discrimination Bill

Steve Ballmer wrote us all a note this afternoon about the anti-discrimination bill. I wish he’d post this publicly.

Ballmer Announces Microsoft Support For Linux

If this were April Fool’s day, I would have been tempted to discount this story immediately.