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Microsoft Stock Surging on Ballmer Retirement News

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced this morning that he will be stepping down from his position within the next 12 months. The executive has been a part of Microsoft for over 33 years, joining the company as its first business manager and only its 30th employee. Ballmer praised his executive team in a statement this morning, saying that “now is …

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Microsoft Restructuring Plan Could be Unveiled on Thursday

Earlier this month, Microsoft’s Don Mattrick, president of the Xbox division, left the company to become the CEO of struggling mobile game developer Zynga. The move was quite sudden, with Microsoft left leaving CEO Steve Ballmer in charge of this fall’s launch of the new Xbox home console, the Xbox One. Though the reasons for Mattrick’s departure were the subject …

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Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Price Ball-Parked by Ballmer

This weekend The Seattle Times published an interview with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in which he discusses the future of Microsoft, especially regarding Windows 8. In the course of the interview, Ballmer gives a ball-park estimate for how much Microsoft’s highly touted Surface tablets will cost: from $300 to $700 or $800. Ballmer justified the price by saying that the …

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