Microsoft Stock Surging on Ballmer Retirement News

Microsoft Stock Surging on Ballmer Retirement News

By Sean Patterson August 23, 2013

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced this morning that he will be stepping down from his position within the next 12 months. The executive has been a part of Microsoft for over 33 years, joining the company as its first business …

Mandriva CEO Blasts Ballmer Over Nigeria Deal
Ballmer Embarks On Buying Binge
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There have been days, weeks, and months where it seemed like Google was on a never-ending acquisition spree.  Now Microsoft seems to have picked up on idea; Steve Ballmer has announced that his corporation will acquire 20 companies per year for the next five years.

Ballmer Rules Out Yahoo, Facebook Buys

It’s time to put the Yahoo or Facebook acquisition deals from Microsoft to rest, as Steve Ballmer disclosed a less broad scope for what the company buys.

Ballmer Gets Earful From Vista Mom

In my years of retail work, I’ve encountered tough guys, wicked old ladies, and thousands of screaming children.  Yet the scariest creatures are often the mothers of those children, and Steve Ballmer may have seen a hint of that when one woman confronted him over Windows Vista.

Microsoft CEO Says Google Reads Your Email

The last thing search giant Google needs right now is any suggestion that it has become all knowing, all seeing. The company is trying to get its DoubleClick deal approved, so comments from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer won’t help.

Live Search Team Channeling Steve Ballmer
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The excitable folks working on Live Search at Microsoft think they have come a long way in nine months with their work on relevance.

Ballmer Still Doesn’t Get Social Networking

A few years ago I wrote to Microsoft’s leadership and asked them why they weren’t involved in the new Web 2.0 space. I got an answer back that was about 2,000 words long and included the words “business value” 13 times. Translation: Microsoft’s leadership thought that Web 2.0 and social software like Flickr didn’t have business value and was too much of a potential fad to invest in.

Ballmer Calls Facebook A Fad?

How much money would you put towards a fad?  The price of a pair of jeans?  The cost of a new kitchen counter?  Because Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has used a form of the word “fad” in connection with Facebook, and people are wondering what this signifies for the social network’s future.

News Corp. Not Competing w/ YouTube?
Wired Magazine has another interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt today. They cover everything from Steve Ballmer’s recent attacks on Google (which Eric tactfully declines to coment on directly) to News Corp’s proposed YouTube killer to rumored deals with Apple.

A few highlights from Schmidt:

CEO: Google Is Like Your Ex – Cute, But Insane

Well, he didn’t put it exactly like that, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer didn’t pull any punches in regard to Google during an appearance in front of 450 Stanford University business and engineering students yesterday. In addition to calling Google’s employee growth-rate "insane," and its non-search products "cute," Ballmer implied Google was a one-trick pony.

(And we’ll have some class and not mention the shellacking Stanford took in the NCAA tournament by Louisville. Oops, guess we just kind of did.)

Search Engines Go Spooky

Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Ask have spiffed up their sites for All Hallow’s Eve, but Microsoft is sadly lacking in the treat department. Microsoft handed out tricks instead, bestowing the horror of litigation on 55 alleged software counterfeiters around the globe.

Ballmer Hints At Launch Date For Next Windows

Microsoft is arguably king of the delayed product launch. From older versions of Windows to the latest Office and Vista releases, things often come out much later than was first scheduled. But Steve Ballmer has assured the world there will never again be as much of a wait as there was (and is) between Windows XP and Vista.

Even Ballmer cant get into Gnomedex

It’s sold out. So is BlogHer. So is BloggerCon. Hmm, something is happening here.

Ballmer Whispers Of Vista Delay

The consumer version of the much delayed Windows Vista operating system may be pushed past its planned January 2007 launch date.

Ballmer Emphasizes RSS Importance

Internet Explorer 7 and the Windows Vista operating system will support RSS, and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer thinks RSS feeds will grow in importance to Internet users.

Microsoft Spending Big To Beat IBM

The business market for software just became a little more heated, as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced a $500 million marketing campaign to try and boost Microsoft’s fortunes at IBM’s expense.