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Heather Mack Murder Investigation Complete

Heather Mack, the 19-year-old Chicago woman accused of murdering her mother in Bali with the help of her boyfriend, could soon find herself in an Indonesian courtroom. Indonesian police today announced that they have completed their investigation into the murder. …

Ashlee Simpson Honeymoons In Bali With Evan Ross

Ashlee Simpson is enjoying married life with her new husband, Evan Ross. The other Simpson sister and the son of music icon Diana Ross are in Bali for their honeymoon. They really seem to be enjoying themselves and recovering from …

Miss Philippines Wins Miss World Competition
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And the winner is…Miss Philippines! Megan Young, Miss Philippines 2013, was crowned Miss World at the competition on Saturday. The contest has faced many obstacles this year, including a mystery contestant, protests, and calls for the show to be banned. …

Google Goes to U.N. Climate Conference
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The U.N. has brought representatives from 190 nations to Bali, Indonesia to discuss climate change.  Want to guess what search engine giant is present, as well?  That’s right – Google.