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Bald Eagle Egg Hatches in Pittsburgh

The Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed that the first of three bald eagle eggs had hatched Friday in a nest sitting in a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania neighborhood. Roughly an hour later, the adult male and female eagles were seen tending to the eaglet via a webcam put in place by the commission using PixController. The nest was built in the Hays section …

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Bald Eagle Egg Hatches in Pittsburgh, Watch Live

No one can deny this is a great story. A bald eaglet has hatched in Pittsburgh‘s Hays neighborhood along the Monongahela River. The little eaglet was first spotted thanks to an “eagle-cam” about 2:30 p.m. Friday. There are two more eggs in the nest and faithful followers of the eagle-cam are patiently waiting for two more little eaglets to join …

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Bald Eagle Released After Territorial Brawl

The American Bald Eagle symbolizes strength, long life, and most of all, freedom. So, it’s no surprise that wildlife rescue centers across the country take their job very seriously when it comes to saving endangered bald eagles. One of these majestic birds was saved last week in West Cape May, New Jersey following a territorial fight against a rival. Authorities were informed about …

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Bald Eagle Injured But Recovering At Wildlife Center

Bald eagles aren’t seen often, but one was found wounded at a residence near Oak Lawn, Illinois. Oak Lawn Animal Control Officer Barry Adamczyk was called to the residence to pick up the injured bird and admitted to being skeptical that it was a real bald eagle. “I was shocked,” he said. “I didn’t believe I was looking at a …

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