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Health Insurance: Reimbursement to Cause Bailout?

Health insurance is taking a mighty turn for the worse after this ill-fated attempt at “affordable care” by the Obama administration. Things are looking very bleak indeed after Thursday’s Moody’s rating downgrade of the outlook for inurance industry from “stable” to “negative”. The downgrade was put in effect because of “ongoing unstable and evolving environment,” as the Obama administration fumbles …

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Detroit: “Bailout Would Have Been Better”

Back in July, Detroit became the largest U.S. city to file for bankruptcy. To help matters, the Obama administration made a pledge this week to send $300 million to Detroit. Considering that Detroit has $18 billion in debt, some residents aren’t exactly thrilled with the pledge and wish the government would have bailed them out instead. Make no mistake–the $300 …

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Chrysler Buyout by Fiat No Closer, says Marchionne

Since the automotive industry crisis of 2008-10, the auto industry here in the United States has remained fairly successful and competitive. Chrysler was one company in the United States that was able to revive itself and benefit from the bailout (even though others think Chrysler might have been better off not accepting bailout money). However, Chrysler has now found itself …

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