Baidu Articles

Google, Baidu Shop For Video Sites

Google and Chinese search engine Baidu look to expand their reach with Chinese online video sites.

Microsoft, Baidu Seal Deal

Microsoft and Baidu have reached a “strategic alliance” in regards to Chinese paid search listings. According to an official statement, “Microsoft will display Baidu’s paid search listings on the search results pages of certain Microsoft websites, including MSN, Live, and other partner websites in China.”

Baidu’s Blog Search Service
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China’s top search engine Baidu launches blog search service on Thursday to aid bloggers in their navigation.

Baidu Means Business

Top Chinese search engine Baidu gains popularity among the big names in business and technology.

Baidu Targets Japanese Market

Top Chinese search engine, Baidu, announced plans on Monday to enter the Japanese market in the near future.

Music To Baidu’s Ears

Courts in Bejing ruled in favor of Baidu today in a lawsuit based on illegal MP3 downloading on the site.

Wikipedia No Longer Banned in China

Almost one year to the day after the Chinese government placed a ban on both the English and Chinese-language versions of online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, both have been lifted.

Google Sells Baidu Shares

According to a U.S. regulatory filing, Google has sold the shares the company held in Baidu, Google’s fiercest competition in China. Google had owned over 2.5 percent of the company before the May 25th sale.

Baidu.com Posts A Profit

The largest search provider in the world’s most populous country posted first quarter profits this Tuesday. Baidu.com Inc., in which the American search provider Google owns a minority stake, also experienced strong sales and an increase in share prices of nearly 22 percent.

Intel, Baidu Join Forces On Search

Intel China and the Baidu search engine plan to work closely together to develop search and other web-based applications for Chinese users.

Google, Baidu Stared Down By Chinese Marketers

Some 637 Chinese e-marketing agencies indicated that they will file a class action lawsuit against major search engines like Baidu, Google, Yahoo, and others, claiming breach of contract, according to People’s Daily Online.

Google Gains On Baidu In China

A new study just released monitoring the search engine business in China showed some interesting results regarding Baidu, Google and other search engines. The study asserts Google is in a strong position to challenge Baidu in the Chinese search engine market.

Baidu Bests Google With China’s Wealthy

Rumors of Google’s world domination will have to wait a while, as the search engine in which Google has a minority stake holds greater search market share in China than its famed stakeholder.

Baidu Faces The Music

Everybody has turned on Baidu. As recently as August (that’s last month if you’re not keeping score), this company was the “Chinese Google,” an IPO blockbuster. A few weeks later, stock prices plummet and as of this morning, Baidu is being sued by pretty much the entire music industry. Damned if you Baidu, damned if you Baidon’t.

Google Goes to China with Local Search
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Google has launched the beta version of its local search service for mainland China. It includes businesses in over 100 cities and provides maps for 77 of them.

Baidu Bubble Bleeding Badly

Rampant speculation that drove up shares of the Chinese search engine has dwindled as investors take profits.

Baidu IPO Price Raised

China’s biggest search engine, Beijing’s Baidu.com launched its initial public offering (IPO) selling at $27 per American depository share (ADS).

Baidu Soars On IPO Opening

The first day of trading for the Chinese search engine company on NASDAQ leaped from $27 to a close of $122.54.

Baidu IPO Established At 3.7 Million Shares

Chinese search engine and possible Google acquisition Baidu had their IPO established and will be offering 3.7 million shares at an estimated $19 to $21 per.

Chinese Search Engine Baidu Files IPO

The Chinese search engine, Baidu.com, has attracted Google’s eye and is taking their company public, to possibly raise interest in securing a buyout of the property.

Baidu Bids Adieu To Google Stake Increase

Search engine leader Google has been rumored to want a bigger stake in the Chinese Baidu.com presence.