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Baidu’s Turning Japanese

Baidu.com, Inc. the leading Chinese language Internet search provider, has formally launched its Japanese language search engine at www.baidu.jp.


Their Japanese language search engine is run by Baidu’s Japanese subsidiary, Baidu, Inc.

Baidu Japanese homepage

Baidu Tries Again In Japan

China’s top search engine, Baidu, crosses the waves to Japan where it will face off against Yahoo’s formidable presence, as well as Google.

Google Struggles In China

Google continues to struggle with lower user awareness in China compared to Chinese search engine Baidu according to Pearl Research’s new report "Baidu vs. Google: A Study of Search Engine Preferences among Chinese Youth."

Baidu Reschedules Japanese Release

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and here’s a new search engine!  Or not.  Baidu seems to have realized the last item on that list might not get as much attention as the other two, and as a result, the company pushed back a planned expansion into Japan.

Major Music Companies Lose Case Against Baidu

Baidu’s MP3 search engine is often fingered as one of the main reasons for the company’s success.  And for the foreseeable future, it will continue to fill this role, as the People’s High Court of Beijing just ruled against a group led by EMI, SONY BMG, and Universal Music.

Baidu Launches Patent Search Service

With its habit of throwing out random upgrades, Google’s always demonstrated a certain ability to surprise us.  Now its Chinese competitor, Baidu, has achieved the same effect by launching a patent search service.

RBC Expects Baidu To Do Better

We all know that Baidu, Google’s archrival in China, is doing well.  But according to one firm’s analysis, it’s doing even better than expected, and RBC Capital has raised its price target as a result.

Baidu, Mozilla Sign Browser Deal
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In a move that makes it look even more like the Chinese version of Google, Baidu has signed a deal with Mozilla; as a result, all of Baidu’s search functions will be embedded in Chinese versions of Firefox.

Baidu Chases Google In Mobile Market

Google’s determined not to lose in China, and to that end, the company is beginning to focus much of its energy on the mobile market.  Unfortunately (for Google), so is Baidu.

Google To Topple Baidu With Short Domain Name?
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Someone who’s too weak, lazy, or pressed for time to type eight letters and a period is in serious trouble.  But anyone who would rather type eight than three is just silly, and so Google China has unveiled a new domain name: G.cn.

Google’s Chinese Competitor Baidu Doubles Profit

In terms of dollars, Baidu is still far behind Google.  But in terms of percentages, the Chinese search engine bested its American competitor, posting third-quarter profits that were up 113 percent over last year’s.

YouTube Enters Taiwan

YouTube isn’t widely considered to be a purveyor of highbrow or important content.  But as the video-sharing site launches in another country – Taiwan – special attention is being paid to what’s put on it.

Chinese Searches Hijacked

Domains containing the word “search” in China were hijacked yesterday… pointing to search engine Baidu (and partly, another government website).

China Blocks Everything But Baidu?

Chinese citizens trying to access sites owned by Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft aren’t having much luck; instead, they’re often getting redirected to Baidu.

Baidu Over Microsoft In Worldwide Search Market Share

Comscore released what it is calling the first comprehensive worldwide report on search engine market share, and Microsoft, third place in the U.S., falls to fourth on the world stage behind Chinese powerhouse search engine Baidu.com.

In fact, Google’s YouTube, if broken out from Google’s own data, would be the third most popular search engine and beat both Baidu and Microsoft, all by itself. That’s disheartening, as is this simple look at things:

Google Sees Positive Changes In China
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When Google’s U.S. market share changes by a percentage point or two, it doesn’t turn many heads – Google has been ahead, is ahead, and will presumably stay ahead, regardless.  But as Google’s Chinese share changes, a lot of eyes are watching to see what will happen.

Google Wobbles In Chinese Search Market

For a while, it seemed like Google China was doing better – the company had partnered with Sina, bought a stake in Tianya, and received the Chinese government’s permission to provide content.  Now things don’t look so great – Baidu’s market share is up, and Google’s has gone down.

Baidu Begins Running Online Video Ads

Remember those Little League games in which one team would completely crush the other?  Scores of 16-1, or 20-2, are starting to remind me of the gap between Baidu and Google in China.  And with the launch of new online video ads, Baidu looks ready to further trounce its opponent.

Wikipedia Critical Of Baidu

Online encyclopedia Wikipedia is not happy with China’s most popular search engine Baidu.com. Wikipedia is accusing the search giant of violating its copyright license.

Baidu Fastest Web Site In China

Chinese search engine Baidu is the fastest site out of China’s 50 most popular Web sites according to a public performance ranking by Gomez Inc.

Baidu’s Net Profit Up 140%

Business is booming for Baidu – the Chinese search engine has reported its second-quarter revenue and net profit, and both figures have doubled (and then some) since last year.  Unlike Google’s earnings, this beats analysts’ forecasts; Baidu’s stock price shot up as a result.