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Google Gains Tiny Bit Of Ground In China
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It’s rather unlikely that Google will ever dominate the Chinese search market; Baidu isn’t even close to being beat.  Just the same, a new report indicates the American search company is at least moving in the right direction, gaining an amount of ground last year that could be viewed as impressive. 

China’s Search Market Grew In Fourth Quarter
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The past year wasn’t a bad one for the Chinese search market.  A new report from Analysys International points to impressive growth in overall revenues, and the top two players both managed to increase their presence and popularity.

China Gets Tougher Still on Google, Baidu
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The Chinese New Year will begin on January 26th, and for some of the most prominent Internet companies in China, it’s not shaping up to be a good one.  Government officials are going after Google, Baidu, and Sina for distributing "vulgar" content.

Google, Yahoo Tied To Baidu’s Unlicensed Doctor Scandal

Not long ago, China’s top search engine was caught selling high search rankings to unlicensed doctors.  The uproar that resulted hurt its reputation, caused earnings estimates to get lowered, and culminated in a personal apology from the CEO.  Now, the Chinese arms of Google and Yahoo have been accused of doing something similar.

Scandal Puts A Hurtin’ On Baidu
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BaiduYou may have heard that China’s number one search engine Baidu has been the subject of some scandalous accusations lately. As a result, stock has plummeted, and so have advertising revenues for the company.

A Little Background

Baidu Blocked By Major Chinese Sites
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It appears that Baidu, the Chinese search giant, has hit a bit of a stumbling block.  Some major portals and social networks in its home market have stopped the company’s spiders from indexing their sites.

Report: Google China Will Unveil MP3 Search Function
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As long as Baidu’s Chinese and Google’s American, it seems like that first company will have an advantage in a certain part of the world.  There’s a sign that Google China is trying to catch up, however, by offering something to compete with Baidu’s much-loved MP3 search.

Baidu Reports Positive Second Quarter
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While that Microsoft-Yahoo business stole the show for a while, Baidu’s found its way into the spotlight again.  The Chinese search engine company had an admirable second quarter, beating analysts’ estimates in some important respects.

Google Conquering Asia In Search

International business continues to look good for Google, as their search engine attracted the biggest chunk of search share in April.

Music Industry Warns Baidu About Piracy
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The Chinese music industry issued a warning to the nation’s most popular search engine Baidu saying it risked losing advertising for allowing music to be pirated.

"Resolutely countering Baidu, the largest and most incorrigible purveyor of pirated music in China, has become a common goal of the music industry," said Qu Jingming, director-general of the Music Copyright Society of China (MCSC).

Healthy-Looking Baidu Pushes Wikipedia Alternative
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Yahoo this, Microsoft that – it’s enough to make you move to China.  Or at least look at China-centric news, in which Baidu is generating headlines for both succeeding financially and pushing its own version of Wikipedia.

Google China Wants To Be Ahead Within Five Years
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Corporate leaders are in tough positions when trying to predict the future.  If they’re too positive, they’re seen as overconfident.  Too cautious, and people wonder why they’re scared.  So Google China’s Kai-Fu Lee seems to have aimed at a middle ground when describing his pursuit of Baidu.

Obama Online: $1 Million In 1 Minute As Baidu Applauds?

Microsoft’s acquisition of Yahoo may drag on for several months.  Most other tech news is centered on Silicon Valley.  But developments related to Barack Obama are breaking the mold, as the presidential candidate seems ready to raise $1 million in one minute, and has received what looks like an endorsement from Baidu.

Deep Linking Issues Return As Music Lawsuit Hits Baidu, Sohu
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Chinese search engines Baidu and Sohu face millions in penalties as Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music demand satisfaction over links to songs controlled by the labels.

Head Of Apple China Traveling To Baidu

Maybe he’s getting paid more, or some interesting perks got tossed in.  Still, Peng Ye’s move away from Apple China, where he served as country general manager, seems as good a sign as any of Baidu’s dominance.

Baidu Readies Instant Messaging Service

People who are counting the ways in which Baidu has beaten Google may soon have to make one more tally mark; reports state that the Chinese giant is testing an instant messaging service.

Police In China Crackdown On Nude Web Photos

Chinese police are cracking down on any Web sites or individuals who distribute the nude photos of several Hong Kong celebrities.

Police in Beijing warned that anyone found distributing the pictures online will be detained for a maximum of 15 days. Posting the photos online violates the Security Administration Punishment Law, the Chinese media reported. "If someone transmits more than 200 of the photos as a package on the Internet, the sender will be prosecuted for criminal liability," a Beijing police official said.

China Censors Baidu For Nude Photos
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China’s most popular search engine Baidu.com has been censured by the Chinese government for spreading pornographic images of celebrities.

Photos showing Hong Kong actor Edison Chen and other female stars naked were indexed and made available by the search engine.


Google To Offer Music Downloads in China?

The Wall Street Journal picked up a rumor that Google is preparing for a counterstrike against Baidu by offering music downloads:

Baidu Sued Yet Again By Music Companies

Record label execs might be better off banging their heads against the Great Wall of China; at least that way, they’d see and feel something of historical significance.  But in what’s likely to be an equally unproductive move, they’ve instead decided to sue Baidu again.

Google China Inches Up In Search
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According to a new report, Google gained some ground in China during the fourth quarter of 2007.  But it’s hardly time for anyone in Mountain View to celebrate; Baidu’s still far, far ahead of the company that is so dominant in the U.S.