Badware Articles

Google Joins Facebook, Twitter, AOL, IAB To Stop Badware Google Joins Facebook, Twitter, AOL, IAB To Stop Badware

Google, Twitter, Facebook, AOL and the IAB have joined forces to form the Ads Integrity Alliance, geared toward keeping protecting users from ads that contain badware. The initiative was announced today by StopBadware.org. The organization says the alliance will develop …

Sears Smacked Over Badware

A software application from the holding company for Sears and K-Mart have the folks at StopBadware.org requesting changes to it.

Google Provides More Information To Badware Sites

Google is working harder on providing better information to webmasters and the effects are showing. The Google blog has announced that they will send detailed information in their malware notifications to webmasters. These notifications will also be sent by mail.

Google Advising Sites Of Badware Status

Sites that get flagged as possibly hazardous destinations in Google’s search results will receive notifications from Google about the problem.

Google, Others, Start Antimalware Group

A group of technology companies have banded together to fight spyware and adware by publicizing offenders, under the sure-to-be-catchy monicker of the “Stop Badware Coalition“.