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Rally Against Village Voice ‘Child Sex Trafficking’ Scheduled For Tomorrow Morning
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A change.org petition is scheduled to be presented at a rally outside the New York offices of The Village Voice tomorrow. The rally will start at 11:00 am on March 29 at the north end of Cooper Square in New …

Oodle Opens Its Classified API

Classifieds search engine Oodle.com made its application programming interface generally available today, and introduced a new affiliate program for API users.

Oodle Embeds With Lycos, Backpage

The two charter members of Oodle’s Partner Network will use APIs to connect to Oodle’s index of classified advertising and display those search engine results.

Oodle Partners with Lycos and Backpage

We’ve gotten a sneak peak at a new press release coming out later today from classified search engine Oodle.

Yahoo Launches HotJobs Job Engine

When it comes to covering the search engine industry, the press seems to begin and end with Google happenings, something this author is guilty of as well. However, it’s always nice to cover the happenings of Google’s competitors, provided they’ve done something to warrant said coverage.