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Dog Babysitter: Dog Alerts Parents of Abuse

Benjamin and Hope Jordan have experienced a parents worst nightmare: someone abusing their child. However, thanks to their loyal family pet, Killian, a black lab and German shepherd mix, they were able to discover the abuse and inform authorities. Alexis Khan, 22 had been working for the Jordan family, watching 7-month-old, Finn Jordan, for nearly 5 months when the parents …

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Tablets Replace the Idiot Box as Electronic Babysitter [Infographic]

Do you remember all the derogatory names people had for the television when you were growing up? Some of my favorites were the boob tube, idiot box (image courtesy of, electronic fireplace, and electronic babysitter. This new Infographic from from raises our awareness about a new babysitter in town. According to the graphic, seven out of ten children …

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