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Cherokee Child Returned to Her Adoptive Parents

Baby Veronica, who is the 4-year-old Cherokee girl at the center of a cross-country custody dispute, returned to her adoptive South Carolina parents Monday night at tribal headquarters in Oklahoma, representatives of her father and the Cherokee Nation told NBC News. Dusten Brown, the biological father, said goodbye to Veronica at Jack Brown House, the tribal headquarters where they have …

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Cherokee Child: Baby Veronica Goes Back to SC

The years-long case involving the adoption of a Cherokee child finally seems to have an ending. Baby Veronica, as the 4-year-old child is commonly referred to, is back with her adoptive parents, Matt and Melanie Capobianco. The Capobiancos are thrilled to have their daughter back in their arms and are heading back to their home in Charleston, South Carolina. Baby …

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Baby Veronica: Bio Father to be Extradited to SC

Dusten Brown, the biological father of the 3-year-old toddler who is known as Baby Veronica, filed for a second appeal with the Oklahoma Supreme Court on Friday asking it to block Veronica’s return to her adoptive family. Brown was ordered to turn over Baby Veronica, who has been with him since the end of 2011, to her adoptive parents in …

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