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Bao Bao: Baby Panda Goes Out to Play (Video)

All babies are adorable. But, giant panda baby Bao Bao’s first venture into the big, wide world is too much for anyone to stand. Little 7-month-old Bao Bao went outside for the first time Tuesday to frolic in the National Zoo’s “cub-proofed” panda yard with momma panda Mei Xiang. According to zoo officials, the cub spent two hours outside, climbing …

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Bao Bao: Baby Panda Ventures Outside

What could be cuter than a baby panda? How about one that is experiencing the outside for the first time in its young life. Baby Bao Bao was treated to her first day out at the National Zoo and seemed to enjoy herself as she attempted to climb trees and explored her surroundings. Bao Bao played outside for about two …

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Bao Bao Gets To Play Outside For The First Time

Bao Bao, the baby giant panda cub at National Zoo in Washington, got to play outside for the first time on Tuesday. Zoo officials said Bao Bao would be allowed to go out once the weather got a little warmer, and cub-proofed the play area by placing barriers on the trees so she couldn’t climb too high and soft bales …

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