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Baby Bactrian Camel Makes Public Debut At Zoo

A rare baby camel that was born at the Budapest Zoo has made his first public appearance. The baby Bactrian camel was born on April 9 to an eight year old camel who lives at the Budapest Zoo as well. The baby’s father was from another zoo. The baby camel is named Ilias and his family has been living at …

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Rare Baby Camel Born In Captivity In Hungary

Born in one of the oldest zoos in the world, the Budapest Zoo, which was opened in 1866, was a rare baby camel from a breed that has become nearly extinct. The Little baby boy Ilias, was born last week to an eight-year-old mother, Iris, whose family has lived at the zoo for several generations. Because this was his mother’s …

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Rare Baby Camel Born in Budapest Zoo

Awwwwww…. Critically endangered – possibly even extinct in the wild – the Bactrian camel is a rare species with two humps on its back and has served as a domestic pack animal since before 2500 BCE. But last Wednesday in the Budapest Zoo and Botanic Garden, a rare event occurred. A baby Bactrian camel was born. Baby Ilias was born …

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