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Lizzie Borden Case Still Fascinates And Frightens

Lizzie Borden may be among the most notorious and well-known suspected criminals who literally got away with murder; however, the case is still classified as unsolved. Tragically, Lizzie Borden’s claim to fame is that she may be forever immortalized for her suspected involvement in the murder of her father and her stepmother as depicted in the following verses: Lizzie Borden …

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AXE Body Spray Gets School Shutdown, 8 Hospitalized

Bro, sometimes you just gotta spray solvent aerosol deodorants under your pits to get you smelling fresh for the ladies, you know what I mean? Slicking back the hair, sporting the sunglasses, and swag can only do so much for a pre-pubescent boy to evolve into a man. Everybody knows the cool rule of school says that the more you …

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Kiefer Sutherland Regrets Not Going After The Girl In New Axe Ad

When you think of advertisements for Axe products, your mind probably recalls images of oversexed girls flocking to guys and mouthing sexual innuendos – basically the hyperbolic male fantasy played out in real life. But a new spot from the company has a different tone. Gone is the “use our product and you’ll be eyes-deep in tail” message, having now …

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