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AdWords Email Capturing Feature: Aweber On How It’s Working For Them

Late last month, we looked at a Google AdWords feature the company is testing, which allows advertisers to promote their email newsletters and actually get subscribers right from the ad. It has tremendous potential for email marketing, and illustrates a great cross-platform strategy between email and search. Email marketing service provider Aweber, which boasts over 110,000 small businesses as clients, …

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Aweber to Report Email Sububscriber Numbers To Feedburner

I have been quite vocal in my encouraging Aweber to add some more control to the way they handle RSS to Email, and I am glad to say they have now added some very flexible date and time based controls.

This means that they totally blow Feedburner Email subscription away as far as features are concerned.

Apart from one important aspect.

Exclusive: Aweber Will Soon Report Email Sububscriber Numbers To Feedburner

In the announcement Justin Premick mentioned

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