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Bird Flu Spikes in China as 23 More Cases Reported

This past week, 23 people in China have been infected with the H7N9 strain of bird flu, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday, in addition to the previous week that saw 24 new cases which confirms this virus is becoming more active. In the newest cases, reported from several different provinces of China, was a 38-year-old man who …

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H5N1 – Bird Flu Is Here In North America

The first reported case of H5N1, the Bird or Avian flu, has touched down in North America, Canada to be exact. Canadian health officials have confirmed that it was the H5N1 flu that killed a resident of Alberta, Canada who had just returned from Beijing. Canada’s Health Minister, Rona Ambrose, said the infected individual had recently traveled to Beijing. “As …

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New Bird Flu Infects First Human

Zoonosis occurs when a disease or sickness in a non-human animal is transmitted to a human being. Approximately 61% of 1415 pathogenic infections to human beings are zoonotic. The first case of a bird-to-human transmission of infection came in China in 1996. Since its inception, the H5N1 flu strain has killed more than 600 people, most of those residing in …

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