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Mister Rogers Wants to ‘Sing Along’ in New PBS Auto-tune Remix

About a year ago, PBS Digital Studios broke the internet with their auto-tuned remix of classic Mister Roger footage entitled “Garden of Your Mind.” It was the first in their “Icons Remixed” series, and PBS later put the autotuner on other PBS mega-stars like Bob Ross, Julia Child, and Reading Rainbow’s LeVar Burton. Today, Mister Rogers is gets another remix. …

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Charles Ramsey Interview Gets The Autotune Treatment

Charles Ramsey is not your typical hero. That much was obvious in his interview last week after helping rescue three kidnapped women who had been held in a basement for a decade. That interview was soon turned into a song that became a viral sensation. Ramsey told TMZ that he absolutely adores the autotuned version of his interview. He told …

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Mr. Rogers Autotuned: Twitter Reacts

Mr. Rogers autotuned: If you’re one of the few unfortunate souls who has yet to hear “Garden of Your Mind”, an official collaboration between PBS Digital Studios and John D. Boswell, then you’re seriously missing out on one of the eeriest autotune songs currently available on the Internet. Using clips from several episodes of Fred Rogers’ iconic PBS series “Mister …

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CES 2012: Fifteen Years Of Microsoft Keynotes In Two Minutes

Though Microsoft’s CES keynote may not have contained any earth-shattering product news, there was apparently one little gem thrown in to entertain the crowd. As part of the keynote, which is the company’s last, Microsoft showed a video that recapped the company’s fifteen years of CES keynotes in two minutes. The best part? It’s a music video made from autotuned …

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