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Google Proves To Be Inconsistent By Adding Grooveshark To Their Autosuggest Blacklist

As Google’s march towards becoming the big brother who knows what’s best for their users, even if their users disagree, continues unabated, are we witnessing the company undo all the goodwill it built up over the years? Findings seem to suggest that trend, and when the company responds to why they did things like get rid of Google Reader, despite …

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Bing Adds Brands, Movies, Albums, Places, Software, Sports Teams & Animals To Autosuggest

Bing announced today that it is now including more types of entities in its autosuggest feature, including brands, movies, albums, places, software, sports teams, and animal species. A couple months ago, Bing launched new info about people in autosuggest, so you can type the names of celebrities, politicians, athletes, or even just people with LinkedIn profiles, and Bing will show …

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Bing Autosuggest Adds More People Info

Bing announced the addition of some more information about people in its autosuggest feature. Now, when you search for celebrities, politicians, athletes, or people with LinkedIn profiles, Bing will provide info about that person in the drop-down with the search suggestions. In cases where there are multiple people with the same name, it will ask which one you meant: The …

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Bing Adds Some ‘Ghosting’ To Autosuggest

Bing announced that it has made a change to its Autosuggest feature, which it says makes the search experience faster by completing your query when they’re “confident” they “really know” what you’re looking for. Bing refers to its latest development as “Autosuggest Ghosting”. “Autosuggest algorithms are able to determine just how likely it is that you want the #1 suggestion …

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Google Pays Fine Over AutoComplete Suggestion In France

A Paris court found in favor of a local insurance company against Google last month regarding a dispute offer the search engine’s AutoComplete search results. Apparently, when users typed in the name of the firm, “Lyonnaise de Garantie”, into Google, AutoComplete offered the term “escroc” associated with the term. “Escroc” means “swindler” or “crook”. Google explained to the court that …

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Bing Suggests Queries Based on Search History

Microsoft announced today that Bing is just now supporting query history in its Autosuggest feature. In other words, if you have your search history enabled, Bing will incorporate past queries you’ve made into the suggestions.

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Bing Improves Its Autosuggest Feature

Microsoft has improved its autosuggest feature on Bing to provide more timely results.

On the Bing Search Blog the company says that its research found 45 percent of search queries result either in a user conducting an immediate re-query, or quitting the page altogether.

As an example Bing cites the Golden Globe Awards and says its autosuggest now provides the latest news and information about recent winners.

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