Authority Articles

When the Electric Company Gets RSS

I had to put a call into my local power company – the Long Island Power Authority – today to take care of a customer service issue.

Personal Blogging Clarified

Visiting the blog of Amazon.com’s Chief Technology Officer, Werner Vogels, to read his account of a presentation at Amazon by Naked Conversations authors Shel Israel and Robert Scoble (some very interesting commentaries about that – link at Memeorandum), I spotted the clearest employee blog disclaimer I’ve yet seen.

Credibility Isnt Equal to Authority

Who’s to be believed about the 60% Windows Vista code rewrite story which has been a lively discussion topic in a number of blogs during the past few days?

Technorati Adds Authority Weighting

Technorati just turned on a new feature: if you are searching Technorati, for, say “Technology” blogs you get a choice: you can see them all, or you can see the ones that have a lot of “authority” in that space.

Businesswomen’s Dilemma: The Double Bind of Communications

Most women are damned-if-they-do and damned-if-they-don’t when it comes to communicating in the male-dominated world of business. In order to compete, they must find a delicate balance between authority and likeability.

A Place Where Blog Search Engines Need Authority

Feature request for Bloglines or Technorati. Here’s where authority makes a big difference: when you search for something with a huge number of blog posts.

Transit Maps In Google Maps

Adrian Holovaty has whipped up a Firefox hack for Google Maps that allows you to see Chicago’s public transportation system.

Link Building for Hilltop

Hilltop and other authority-based link popularity algorithms make it challenging to obtain high rankings for a new Web site. SEO consultant Andy Hagans uncovers link building tactics that can mesh a Web site into its topical neighborhood.

Search Trends: Creating A Google

The term “authority site” comes from a concept in “Hilltop: A Search Engine based on Expert Documents,” an academic paper that some search optimizers speculate is a part of Google’s algorithm.

How To Develop Your Personal Authority

Dear EQ Expert: In general, I like to think of myself as someone with high emotional intelligence, but lately I have had the same type of problem that has left me feeling emotionally stupid.