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eBay Australia Sellers Oppose PayPal Plan

Last month the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) introduced a draft proposal to put eBay Australia’s plan to move to a PayPal – only system on hold.

Yesterday in Sydney eBay sellers gathered at a conference organized by the ACCC to discuss the draft proposal before the July 3 deadline for submissions. The sellers urged the ACCC to not to allow eBay to go to a PayPal only system in the country.

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Australian Auctions Off Life On eBay

An Australian man who decided to auction his life on eBay after his marriage ended saw bids that reached $2.1 million in the first day of the sale.

Ian Usher, 44, said in March he was auctioning his life on eBay, that included his $420,000 three-bedroom home in Perth, along with his job at a rug store, his car, motorcycle, clothes and his friends.

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Australia Puts Brakes On eBay PayPal Only Plan

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have told eBay to put its plans to move to a PayPal only system on hold.

"The ACCC is concerned that the notified conduct will allow eBay to use its market power in the supply of online marketplaces to substantially lessen competition in the market in which PayPal operates," ACCC Chairman, Mr. Graeme Samuel, said today.

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Gaming Does Not Lead To Poor Social Skills

People who play video games for long periods of time are not necessarily lonely nerds without social skills according to an Australian study.

The study by Victoria University psychology graduate Daniel Loton revealed that 15 percent of 621 adult respondents were flagged as "problem gamers" who spend more than 50 hours a week playing games.

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Australian Email Leaks Concern For Companies

Australian companies are frequently reprimanding and terminating employees for ignoring email security policies and sharing sensitive data, according to Proofpoint’s quarterly survey.

The survey found that 48 percent of the 69 Australian companies surveyed disciplined an employee for violating email policies and 18 percent fired an employee in the past year for violating such policies.

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Google Files Objection On PayPal Only Policy In Australia

eBay users have been curious to find out who submitted an anonymous filing to the Australian regulatory agency that is reviewing eBay’s plan to move to a PayPal only option.

The submission says eBay should not be allowed to exclude competing payment methods. An AuctionBytes reader found a 38-page PDF filing that appears to have come from Google.

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eBay To Move To PayPal Only In Australia

After negative publicity about an eBay plan to require users in Australia to use PayPal-only, its online payment system, rumors about a similar policy in the U.S. were met with a forceful denial from the company.

"In the U.S., we are not mulling, planning, or otherwise seriously considering a move to PayPal-only," wrote spokesman Usher Lieberman on the company’s eBay Ink blog. "There are U.S. market-specific reasons why PayPal-only is something we simply cannot do in the U.S."

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eBay: PayPal's way or the highway

Want to auction something in Australia on eBay? PayPal will be your payment processor next month. How long will it be until they try to implement that in the US?

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eBay Australia Moving To PayPal Only System

eBay Australia says it plans to only accept online payments through its PayPal system beginning June 17.

The move by eBay is likely in violation of the Australian Trade Practices Act and the regulatory body Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) is asking for the public comment on eBay’s policy.

eBay has written the ACCC requesting immunity from legal action under the Trade Practices Act.

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Australia Wants To Read Employee Emails

Employers in Australia may soon be able to read employees emails without consent under new anti-terror laws being proposed.

The Australian government says the proposal is aimed at preventing a cyber attack on national infrastructure like the stock exchange, electricity grid or transportation system.

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eBay Australia Narrows Payment Options

Brace yourself for another round of boycotts; eBay intends to force all Australian users to deal with PayPal – and pretty much only PayPal – from June 17th forward.

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Australia Launches Email Archive

An Australian museum is creating Australia’s first email archive to capture a snapshot of Australian society and to celebrate the role email plays in daily communications.

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Google Earth Leads Geologist To Meteor Crater

Australian Geologist Arthur Hickman accidentally discovered a meteorite crater while using Google Earth looking for iron ore.

Dr. Hickman, from the Geological Survey of Western Australia sent the Google Earth picture to a colleague who was able to confirm that it was an undiscovered meteorite crater. The crater is now named Hickman crater.

The crater is believed to be between 10,000 and 100,000 years old and is 885 feet across.

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Australian Auctions Life On eBay

An Australian man whose marriage ended after six years is hoping for a fresh start by putting his life up for auction online.

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Australian Government Calls Porn Filters A Failure

The Australian government is calling its $85 million plan to filter online pornography a failure.

The filtering project was part of the governments $189 million NetAlert program launched in August 2007 to protect minors from online sexual predators and to block adult content.

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Australia Considers Ban On Illegal Downloader’s

The Australian government is considering legislation that would force Internet service providers to take legal action against users who download content illegally.

The proposal is similar to legislation that is being considered in the UK that would implement a three-strikes policy against users who illegally share files using peer-to-peer technology to download music, TV shows and movies for free.

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Aussies Developing Social Search Site For Health

Australian researchers are looking to search technology and social networking tenets to build a go-to website for health information and developments specifically designed for the "Australian context."

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Aussie Net Filtering Plans Challenged

An advocacy group claimed Australia’s mandate for ISPs to block pornographic and violent websites could slow down Internet access in the country.

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Australia Plans Net Filters Amid Censorship Cries

Australian government denies mandatory censorship of pornography and violence equates what China does in terms of blocking web content.

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Google Follows Australian Election To The End

For fans of Kevin Rudd, the end of Australia’s elections was anything but bitter.  But Google was nonetheless there, continuing the election coverage that it first announced in September.

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SEM in Australia Dominated by a Silent Google

Internet companies down under are in a sticky situation. They’re handing Google about 80% of their search marketing spend, using Google for 82% of all online searches, and spending around AU$399 million a year. They’re playing nicely with Google, but Google refuses to play nicely back.

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Google Australia Prepares For Election

As much as we’re bombarded with political claptrap in America, elections may be an even bigger deal in Australia, where voting is compulsory.  As a result, Google Australia is keying up for the coming federal election.

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Internet Is Australia’s Election Battleground

No one’s claiming that a solid presence on Facebook or MySpace is, by itself, enough to win an election.  But it certainly doesn’t hurt, as Australian politician Kevin Rudd has discovered.

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Aussies Have No Worries About Google, DoubleClick

Google received the stamp of approval from regulators with the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission for its bid for ad serving network DoubleClick.

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MySpace Plans Extraordinary Expansion

Chris DeWolfe, MySpace’s CEO, has said that the company intends to hire 1,600 people and expand to seven new countries within the next year.  It means to defeat Facebook, Google, and everything else you can imagine, too.

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Google Trends Reveals What Unites Manchester

In celebration of Reuters’ discovery of Google Trends, we thought we’d revisit for an update. Like last year (when Google Trends was launched) Birmingham, England still has the world’s largest concentration of porn searches.

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Aussie Watchdog Growls At Google US

A case against Google’s subsidiaries in Australia and Ireland will be refiled against Google’s US operations instead.

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MySpace Turns Away Australian Mobile Users

Under the right circumstances, an air of exclusivity can create a lot of interest.  Under the wrong circumstances, it can generate a lot of shrugs.  And by blocking some Australian mobile users, MySpace seems to have earned an unhealthy mix of the two.

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Google Ready To Lay Some Pipe

A trans-Pacific cable could be ready to launch in 2009, connecting Google to Asia and the Pacific while delivering a significant cost savings to the company.

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Google Looks Closely At Australian Elections

Sick of American politics?  Well, this may not make you feel any better, but Google’s got a brand new website offering a detailed view of the Australian equivalent.

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Court To Anti-Google Aussies: Yawn

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission received a setback when a judge told their lawyers to go back to the drawing board.

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Frivolous Aussie Keyword Lawsuit

Litigants in anti-Google keyword cases such as this latest in Australia speak in one-sided "baby talk," acting for all the world like Google has set out to deceive and wrong them personally. I’d call it "food fight tactics," if I’d ever witnessed a food fight mostly involving applesauce, but I haven’t.

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Yahoo Takes Panama To Taiwan

Sponsored searches in Taiwan may have just gotten a bit better – Yahoo introduced the upgrade known as Panama.  Unfortunately, this will once again lead us towards something resembling a geographical “Who’s on First?” routine.

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Google Strikes Deal With Major Australian Sites

Thanks to a new deal involving News Digital Media (NDM), Google will power the web and site search functions of a number of Australian sites.  These sites will also display ads from Google.

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Pirated Simpsons Movie Traced To Australia

International cooperation between the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) and Twentieth Century Fox led to the removal of a pirated copy of "The Simpsons Movie" from the Internet within 72 hours.

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Google Tries To Protect APEC?

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation will meet in Australia’s largest city in about three weeks’ time, but if you seek Google’s help to look at Sydney, you may be out of luck – Google Maps images of the area have become rather fuzzy.

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Sydney Gets Fuzzy Under Google Maps

Views of Australia’s well-known metropolis on Google Maps have diminished in their clarity, resulting in conspiracy theories and denials from the search company.

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Doodle 4 Google Contest Creates Huge Response

When I first wrote about Google Australia’s Doodle 4 Google contest, I thought it was a nice idea – “nice idea” meaning a warm-fuzzies PR initiative that not a lot of people would notice.  But people are noticing, and a new post on the Official Google Australia Blog quantifies the matter.

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Google Australia Asks For Doodles

If you want to win a Macbook Pro, or get some artwork on the front page of Google Australia, a new contest will give you that chance.  There’s only one catch: to qualify, you must be an Australian child.

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Getting To Know Google Australia

Australia’s all alone out there, thousands of miles from everything (except Papa New Guinea, Indonesia, and New Zealand), and most people don’t know too much about it.  It seems that, even within the continent, Google’s Australian branch is also one big question mark.  So the Australian Googlers have filled the public in on some of their accomplishments and quirks.

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Yahoo Panama Walks Into Australia

This is the problem with Yahoo’s name for “Panama”: it sounds quite strange when you discuss it in relation to other countries.  Nonetheless, the new ad system has found its way into Australia and New Zealand.

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Google Puts Up Doodle For NAIDOC Week

If you visit Google Australia’s home page today, you’ll see a nifty little image incorporated into the company’s logo – a few rings of black and red dots, and two human figures (one of whom is bearing a shield).  This was done in honor of National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) Week.

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Google, Others May Head To Australia

Internet hosting companies in Australia could be the focus of interest from major online players like Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google.

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mobilise Moves Closer To Launching

“ninemsn is set to launch mobilise.”  Now, look closely at that sentence (or not closely at all, really), and you can guess three things – this development relates to mobile phones, Microsoft, and either Britain or Australia.

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Google Introduces AdWords Business Pages In AU

Compared to much of the rest of the world, the nation of Australia is pretty young – you might say it got off to a late start.  Google’s doing its best to help the country’s inhabitants catch up, however, and in Australia and New Zealand, the search engine company recently introduced AdWords Business Pages in an attempt to get more businesses online.

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Google Walks Dogs, Wins Fans

Beginning a piece of writing with a quote is bad, and using clichés can be worse, but a lot of intelligent, upright, and otherwise excellent people subscribe to the maxim that the dog is man’s best friend.  Google’s devotion to these animals – as recently demonstrated by its participation in the RSPCA Million Paws Walk – has, as a result, won the company a lot of fans.

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Australia’s Online Population

Australia’s online population may be the smallest in the Asia-Pacific region, but in terms of Internet penetration, Australia has a solid presence.

In their new Australia Online report, eMarketer estimates that 66 percent of Australians will use the Internet in 2007, which is on par with more populated countries in the region such as Japan (69 %) and South Korea (72%).

eMarketer believes Australian Internet penetration will reach 72 percent in 2011.

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Google Partnership With Fairfax Digital Announced

Americans may not be familiar with the Fairfax Digital group, but it’s Australia’s “leading provider of online news and classifieds websites.”  And it’s now Google’s partner – Fairfax Digital has joined the Google Adsense network, will make some clips available through Google Video, and plans to integrate Google Maps throughout its properties.

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Google Grants Police Quick Access To Records

Never mind the bat signal – cops in India have been equipped with a sort of “red phone” e-mail address at Google.  The search engine giant, according to various Indian sources, wants to help put a stop to hate speech and other objectionable content that’s been showing up on Orkut.

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Australia’s Broadband Drought

Strong mining = strong exports
Strong banking = strong commerce
Strong telecommunications = strong economy, society, connections.

There is a clear relationship between economic growth and investment in technology.

The building and construction industry has the lowest level of technology adoption and the lowest productivity growth. (Note: The new NextG network will help that)

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Google Takes Wrong Turn In Australia

The good news: Google has finally launched an Australia-specific version of Google Maps. The bad news: the service gives terrible directions. Also, Google kind of forgot to mention the release to Australia.

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Google Australian Flyover Hits Snags

Google had announced that it would be flying over parts of Australia on Australia Day, last week Friday, in order to take photos for Google Earth and Google Maps (Microsoft was doing it, too). Australians were excites, with people planning to build giant signs and write words on the ground, or just wave at the sky, in order to live on for a while in Google’s maps of the country.

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If You Link, You Face The Clink

In Australia, the second highest court has ruled a website and the ISP hosting it committed copyright infringement when the website linked to songs hosted on other sites.

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Telstra Teaches Australia How to Join the Conversation

I conducted a teleseminar on business blogging for the Public Relations Institute of Australia a few days ago.

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IT Women Calendar Causes Controversy

A calendar designed to encourage more women into IT occupations, and help dispel the notion that IT is not a desirable career for women, has caused a storm of controversy in Australia.

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Kazaa Rocked In Australia Court

Sharman Networks, the operator of the Kazaa P2P file sharing system, may have to fork over at least three-quarters of a billion dollars to the global recording industry as the Australian Federal Court for Sydney ruled the company violated Australian copyright law. More than violation of copyright law, the ruling goes as far as finding Sharman guilty of enticing users to become pirates by making it easy for them to do so.

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Kazaa Smacked By Australia Court

Being the home team against the array of powerful music publishers didn’t help Sharman Networks in its defense of Kazaa.

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Intel Helps Out Australia With WiMAX

It was announced that Intel is investing $37 million Australian dollars into expanding Unwired Australia as it prepares to launch a WiMAX network.

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MSN Search Toolbar Has International Appeal

Last Friday evening, MSN took their search toolbar to the International community by releasing an updated version, which increases the amount of language support given to foreign countries.

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Blog-Talk Downunder Draws Near

Blogtalk Downunder is getting close now – and some of the papers being presented are truly mouth watering stuff.

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National Australia Bank Cutting Jobs To Save Money

The National Australia Bank, which is Australia’s largest bank, is cutting 4,200 jobs or 10% of its workforce over the course of the next two years.

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Wotbox is an independent Search Engine that over the last year has developed a strong following on the web.

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Microsoft Promises ‘Ten Times Better’ Search

In a move that comes as no surprise to industry experts who’ve long been predicting a search engine battle between Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, Bill Gates announced at a Sydney media briefing that Microsoft plans to increase its search capability in July.

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Overture Australia Signs Deal With Australian News Sites

Yahoo-owned Overture has signed a deal with News Interactive, which is the digital outlet of News LTD, an Australian news conglomerate. The deal calls for Overture to provide advertising and search services to News Interactive and its subsidiaries.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine SPAM

With Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing set to be one of the hottest sectors in the Internet Marketing industry in the year 2004 it is wise to assess the playing field cautiously.

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Australia slips in broadband

AUSTRALIA has slipped behind Estonia in worldwide broadband league tables, falling to 23rd behind the likes of Taiwan, Belgium and Austria.

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