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Is Google Hitting Directory Links?
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Algorithmic flux or selective penalization? Nobody’s sure and nobody that can answer is talking so far, but paid link directories have been plummeting in Google search results. Many are not ranking for their own business name, according to reports, even though webmasters have not received penalty notices.

SES – Lee’s Day 2 Wrap Up
Test: How many geeks (and proud of it) in this picture?

Sphinn Meetup

Avenue A / Razorfish Clarifies Crawler

Rob Aronson, Vice President of Search Engine Marketing for Avenue A Razorfish spoke to WebProNews for an interview about their Super Intelligent Link Crawler. (SiLC)

Music Popular On Home PCs

Seventy-two percent of online adults in the U.S. listen to audio content on their home computers, according to a new study by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) "Computer-Sourced Audio Consumption."

Google Earth Gets Audio Layer

Google Earth has always been about visuals – interesting sights, but pretty much no sounds.  That recently changed with the introduction of a new layer from Wild Sanctuary.  The layer features “the sounds of nature” recorded at all sorts of places and times of day and night.

Listen Up: Google Audio Ads

There are a few details about Google’s foray into radio advertising that make it sound like an idea worth trying.

Amazon Buys Brilliance Audio

Online retailer Amazon.com has purchased Brilliance Audio, the largest independent publisher of audiobooks in the U.S.

Amazon says the acquisition will expand the number of books produced in the audio format giving customers a broader selection of audiobooks.

Amazon subsidiary CustomFlix now supports both standard CD and MP3-CD audiobook formats through its Disc on Demand service.

Google Cranks Volume On AdSense For Audio

Google has expanded their advertising system by announcing that Google AdSense for Audio is now supported by major radio station systems. Providers include Broadcast Electronics, ENCO Systems and LAN International’s Viero.

"With AdSense for Audio, we’re committed to bringing new advertisers and new dollars to radio," said Jim Woods, Director of Product Management, Google.

"Support from premier partners like BE, ENCO and VIERO is a major step towards allowing all radio stations to gain access to this new and complementary revenue channel."

Google Signs Deal with Clear Channel
Since the end of last year, we’ve suspected that Google has been hard at work, trying to negotiate a big deal for its Google Audio Ads. Back in November reports surfaced that Google was looking to buy $1 billion in radio advertising from Clear Channel Communications.

Testing for Google Audio Ads

Google has announced that they are welcoming advertisers who are interested in trying out Google audio ads that will run on the radio within U.S.

What they mentioned is that you have to be a current AdWords advertisers to sign up to this program. I’ve actually received a quote from one of the Google salespeople that was around $8,000 for 3 state, AM radio targeting.

Listen Up, Google Needs Audio Ad Testers

Ever since Google picked up dMarc Broadcasting, industry observers have wondered if Google could make its AdWords service work for radio or podcasting.

Consumers To Spend $10 Billion On Home Audio

Online consumers are planning on emptying their pockets this year and spending $10 billion on home audio products, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. The $10 billion covers speakers, receivers, media servers and other home audio products.

The projections are based on the Consumer Electronics Association’s "2007 Audio Purchasing Study" which was designed to evaluate online consumers habits in purchasing home audio products such as Home-Theater-In-A Box (HTIB) systems, component A/V receivers and speakers.

CS-iTunes Cracks Piano Case

The revelation that recordings by late British concert pianist Joyce Hatto are actually the works of other performers came to light only after a music critic popped one of her CDs into an iTunes-equipped computer.

Google Promotes Audio Ads

Google advertises its Audio Ads program, as Marshall M. found out. Give it a try by searching US Google for audio ads.

Perfected Plugg’d Podcast Search

Audio and visual search start-up Pluggd claims they have perfected their product. What does this mean for competing sites?

SES Session – Podcast & Audio Search

The podcast and audio search session was very good. It started with Amanda Watlington giving an overview of podcasting.

SES: Video Search Needs Audio Content

To get one’s videos indexed correctly by the search engines dedicated to that content, it’s the spoken word rather than the pretty pictures that matter most. Mike McDonald listened in on the expert panel at SES Chicago discussing the process.

Logitech Is A Good Choice

I bought a new microphone/headset combo at the weekend – a Logitech USB Headset 250. A good price at PC World with added bonuses: it’s Skype certified, and comes with 60 free SkypeOut minutes plus a month’s free voicemail. Nice additions to my existing Skype account.

Google To Restructure, Add AdSense For Audio

It’s funny how a whisper can sometimes push a hurricane; expect one to swirl up by Monday. The rumor, as was whispered into the ear of a DM News reporter, is that Google is about to undergo a major corporate restructuring just as they prepare to release AdSense for Audio.

What You Need To Know About WordPress Podcasts

WordPress is a blogging platform that has podcasting support. A podcast is a pre-recorded audio program, very much like a radio program that is listened to on the computer.

A conversation with SAPs Shai Agassi

The audio from my interview Monday with Shai Agassi, one of seven people on SAP’s executive board, is now up on Podtech.

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